Monday, 24 January 2011

it's all in the details..

 And the firing goes on, I've documented the glaze applications and just for a visual sake where these are in the we shall see I'm firing up today back to the original glaze profile with the black satin which I've used for a while, so here's hoping the problem will be solved this time!

And lil birdie came out of the kiln on saturday,         
                                                     all excellent results!! yey!!

 And some Giraffe jewellery all my nieces      
                                                       idea...thanks Lauren

 So onto Stirling Market Sunday a beautiful 32d C which is around 29C in Stirling language a lovely breeze for most of the day and brilliant shade from the Maple here goes the days saga we arrived at our usual setup time to find a little green car parked in our designated spot...The Market is held in Druid Ave Stirling and is blocked off for the days market about 7am unfortunately for some of us it means peeps who leave their cars in there overnight not considering the market the next day they are stuck in the spot all day!!!

and lucky for Rose, my market buddy and myself the apple guy didn't come yesterday as he had no his spot was vacant and there you have it how we arrived at a lovely corner spot a little hazardous with its sloping site and bits to fall over where the bitumen has broken away.... the end result of the day, 3 breakages but no injuries :))

some of my tiles under the tree

Rose setting up

the corner spot

Bruce with his stick!!

the offending vehicle


Roses jewellery stand

a lil crackle action

Obligatory artsy shot
It really was a gorgeous day, totally exhausting as i hadn't slept much the night before...but lovely and there you have it ...We were successful in getting a spot for this year again and the start of a brand new year at the stirling market 2011 and thanks to Ceramics Australia a new membership for me and complete with insurance yey!!! and 3 magazines this year cant wait to get my issue i hope it's the last one i saw at the pug mill last week it has some great content..

Oh and footnote....the lady who's car it was snuck up at the end of the day while we were packing up hopped into her car and drove off!!! not a word, windows tightly up, not a wave nothing.....


  1. Great spot for a beautiful day! The booth looks good and don't think I didn't see that crackle action!
    You've had a darn fine start to a new year...

  2. Undeniable it was a beautiful day :)) hey zyg you wont believe that is my c9 crackle on a cone 6 black... groovy!!!!

  3. Very nice setup! Nice to start the year with a breezy, warm day. Those giraffe tiles, and little birdie coasters are great!

  4. shame you did not get a shot of her license plate! Trying to take out the compition?
    Look at the beautiful weather to go with your pots!

  5. hey thanks all for your comments, ahh Meredith I thought better of getting a number plate pic :P no but we enjoyed the cnr spot for one nice to have gorgeous weather after decembers hail!!!

  6. What a great market! wish we had something like that here. You should do really well with your jewelry, I have seriously thought about just being a jewelry maker!

  7. I just love your bird piece way up there, plus the chance to see many of your things together in a display, wow!

  8. I'm starting to take more photos of kiln loadings to document too. Super photos of your booth, love the crackle too. Great jewelry stand. The quilt in the background ties in with your glaze colors well. Looks like you have a ton of work to unpack and set up, how long does it take to set it all up? Wish our market was as well attended as yours.

    Just heard about your coming to the USA, hope I get a chance to meet you in person when you're here.

  9. I know the feeling trace we had a big discussion about jewellery at the december markets so ive decided to play can make a big difference to a day, although sunday i sold mostly bowls.. :))

    hey gary, i'm absolutely wrapped with the birdie pieces and peeps love em too :) that spot worked really well for us sunday and the colours really bounced..

    hi linda, yeh better than my memory or not taking thats what this journal is great for too.. wow i had so much stuff it took 1 1/2 hours to pack up our stall this month so its not quick but it looks good....yes i'm coming over for the doug and hannah slipware tour..peeps have been lovely and hopefully we'll meet too..