Saturday, 22 January 2011

H is moving!!!

A while ago Hannah mentioned moving workshop spaces and well that's a task all by itself and getting reorganised too.... Well H being the planner that she is presented us with a challenge and well you put something like this in front of me and i'm off!!

So i printed up Hannah's plans and set to cutting out all the bits thats go together and reshuffling how the space could work...but not being there it's a different story i'm sure... I just love the way a mini Hannah cut out was also provided..

Thanks H :) happy moving and sorting out your new space, you'll be at home in no time!!

Ooh and here it be Hannah just posted some new pics..


  1. Hi Ang,
    Thanks for that, I am taking your plan in next week. At the moment the place looks like it would if you cut up all those bits and the piled them in a heap in the middle of the floor and then shook the model about a bit. A bit of work needed I think.

  2. thats funny i just clicked on your page and saw the new place :)) woohoo!!! I'd just posted mine this morning :P

  3. That settles it, Ang. When you come here in April you're going to spend all your time redesigning my studio.

  4. Hi Ang,
    I do like the idea of planning in 3 dimensions like that... must try it at home. We currently need to sort out some accommodation for ourselves as the studio has grown to almost swallow up all our space here! Hey..., you're off to the USA by the sound of things, I'm... envious! Hope you enjoy shellfish, it sounds like Hollis is a great man at cooking up wonderful things from the ocean. It was fun to see the recooked shino in the previous post. They are a bit different than the "real thing", but it certainly can
    restore some colour. Glad it worked for you. P x

  5. hey hollis no probs but it looked pretty good to me :)) send me some blue prints and i'll be off...have you confused and not be able to find anything in no time :P

    howdy peter, it's fun and much easier when it's someone elses :)) wow house extensions?? love them too.. ahh yes off to join the D&H slipware tour woohoo!! not mad keen on shellfish touch of an allergy :)) but then what arent i allergic too...I may take an epipen :P yes the colour was lovely better than beige shino's i cant describe how they make me feel....cheers peter your full of great ideas

  6. oh- if I had realized I could have made Hannah as a paper doll I should have been all over this!
    I love the 3-d mock up!This could be years of fun- does she need a new outfit!?

  7. yeh meredith, make H a few outfits she can pin them on :))