Thursday, 20 January 2011

the evidence...

Well here they be, pre bisque and post bisque!! on peters recommendation I put some of those beige shinos into a bisque kiln..this firing being more successful that the previous trial...

And wammo there you have it instant colour!!

Not the same result you would expect from a lovely reduction firing but there it is the evidence that you can refire in a bisque kiln and get different results :)) happy jan....


  1. dam* I just heard of this else where and here are results- Dam*!

  2. Cool! Someone told me you could do this and I have some white shino bowls I have been meaning to try out. Next bisque I'll put them in and let ya know what happens! Do you like the new color?

  3. ha!! there ya go meredith the interweb has its uses :P

    trace i like em better this way and couldn't expect a 'wood firing' result they were very flat in tone when they went in, so now i have even warm looking plates :))
    yeh get your in!!! I had better results at the top of the kiln than lower down..and there was some good moisture in there too with fresh pots not bone dry ones..

  4. Very cool. Way to go Peter -the web rocks!