Thursday, 27 January 2011



A little sloppy slip trailing action from yesterday on the spare plates... I'd made a few plates for another commission for a 50th birthday pressie... thankfully Frankie Valli did short songs !!! Yes that really is all the lyrics to ' I love you Baby' ..... I really wanted to write in the horn section part :P i resisted the urge!! 

and my boy engarde as per usual...there's always something creeping out there you just have to watch out!!



  1. You should photograph your work with some of your sketches a la Catherine White. I have got to make myself sit down and do some drawing, I am getting envious of all you potters out there sketching!!

  2. good idea trace, still need to get a new flash for my lighting setup though...i bought a remote trigger but it's not compatible with my 25 yr old flash :P
    You should indeed get the pens out.. anything handy really, i got this new mini sketch book easy to pull out anywhere for some sketching...