Wednesday, 26 January 2011


shelf 1

Notes for me the top shelf was good colour although i think the green was good on this one anyway, clay body is bennets sw
shelf 2

This one had the satin white wash brushed over and was unsuccessful in changing the appearance of the glaze...still pinholes even fired at 20 deg over in kiln #2 the clay body is the clayworks LGH

shelf 3

shelf 3 had the white satin at normal strength it pitted and was a little lava-ish in appearance
however the refire of the soda fired shinos were lovely

The wax resist was good but the black satin too thick.. needs a wash for this process..
 and the cups a little wonky but cute anyway and check out the green satin glaze another incarnation quite pastel in appearance... these were swished around in the remainder of the glaze in the bucket, then turned around and swished again on the handle side with some double dipping overlay...the result is a very smooth finish and elongated mugs again overfired for the clay body... at c7 1200 on dial kiln2 which is approx 30 deg over the reading...


  1. Some nice results there Ang. Glad to see some action on the Shino because I have some reductionless bowls that need some work! I am loving the black and resist bowls, really great!

  2. Great experimentation! I'm missing pottery right now..and am procrastinating while I try to gather energy to read some l/a theory. sigh...

    By the way, I really like the look of your site right now!

  3. Those cups are great. I really like the color and form :o)

  4. yeh trace you should def refire those shinos...i'm getting some interesting results....thanks :))

    hi cynthia it is really difficult juggling you'll find some space soon to work back into a clay zone..

    howdy cindy poor things fired too high for this clay it seems :( no bubbles though which is interesting...

  5. Love the cups! I think I gotta come to Aussie land to get me some.

  6. hey connie it certainly is warmer here at the mo :))
    must unload that kiln today and hopefully the cups stayed round this time .....