Monday, 20 December 2010

windy street...

well thats it the end of marketting season for another year......and of course it went out with a woosh!!
Saturday turned out to be lovely weather for Pops 80th birthday in the garden after spending most of the week shovelling and sweeping and tidying and trimming the last thing we needed was a wet afternoon! My friend Kem and 2 others played strings for a spot in the arvo which was lovely the only request from pops for his birthday so he was happy skipping and dancing around :P

and then all night saturday wind and rain!! oh no just in time for stirling market, what a reputation to have..the wet market place!! sunday we had spots of sun which was lovely in between wind gusts, rain and hail :))
and then part 2 of sunday marketeering was leigh street in the city another blocked off street for the west end christmas carnival....lots of great music I arrived just before the funk band started made one more sale and then that was pretty much it for the night...nice spot though and with nice weather it would have been a fantastic day but you cant pick em!!

I had a text from Ali during the day that a small marquee disaster ended with a marquee half way up the building attached to a pole and luckily only one cup hit the ground..

A lovely spot is Casablabla where i grabbed some pizza for dinner for Anna and me but no wine allowed up our end of the street and fair enough I prob would have sat in my chair all night after that anyway...:)) so super day despite the challenging outdoor conditions right now its time for summer!!! you can bet it will crank up into the new year christmas day we're expecting a 34C at this point..  so finally so warm after having 5 layers on yesterday, kinda crazy for this tine of year....

here's some pics of leigh street Anna and her lovely apples, our neighbours and down the street where the music stage is and quite a bit of salsa dancing last night and a pic of Alis end at a very quiet pack up time ....

SO last minute CHRISSY SHOPPING moment I still have lots of lovely bowls and mugs and tiles and plates, let me know if you want to come around to my place for a look... :))


  1. I would just love some summertime about now! It is so cold here and wet wet wet. Really quite tired of it all! I have been doing all indoor shows and as nice as it is to be warm and dry, it really is nice to be outside for some shows. Happy Christmas!

  2. hey trace it will be warm soon!! and apparently lots more water on its way just no snow :)) hope you have some fun with it... have a super christmas

  3. Oh- you are having wind and rain and Paul, Hannah and Doug are snowed in.
    Topsy- Turvy world!
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Nice to be done with the selling season, isn't it, Ang? Now you can the warm weather and your own celebration. And congratulations on your Pop's 80th.

  5. hey meredith its a bit crazy eh i'm blaming it on the moon :P have a super christmas :))

    ahh Hollis so nice to be done for now!! warming up this week yey... cheers, he had a lovely time.. merry christmas..