Thursday, 16 December 2010

total rubbish firing...

I was so peaved by this firing its taken a while to post about it....I just wonder do I have to learn something every firing??? really???

Well here goes... I was having loads of trouble getting the kiln to reduce and after the first firing of kaynine I thought it was all figured out but no!! there was a variable that didn't cross my mind until way later in the day....
I ended up giving up on reduction and just hoping that the wood i'd put in would make it ok..
NUP!!! one tiny spot of shino looking gorgeous where a piece of wood sat in the bowl hmmmmmmm.......

So here's what I think happened when the kilns were tested and approved the guy changed the burner air settings, apparently the kilns were emitting too much carbon.. well what can i say i need that carbon or my shinos don't happen grrrrrrr... if you want to see gorgeous shinos head over to Hollis's page!

The temp eventually flew up but the cones wouldn't drop and can i say confused!!
anyhoo the holiday is approaching and i can get my kiln fixed and some new tools arriving soon.. well second hand ones and i'm excited... hopefully this will fix my elbow and shoulder problem and just make the studio full of more stuff woohoo..

Well there you have it no flamage from kaynine an odd temp reading, some new bowls for this wkd 2 markets stirling and the west end on sunday and some very pale faced shinos...cheers all, busy wkd coming up it's my dads 80th birthday party too and I still have some gardening to finish after work tonight..


  1. crappitycrapcrap! best wishes in the future :)

  2. Nothing like a bunch of under reduced shino! What a drag.

  3. Well, if it makes you feel any better I have a bunch of beige shino bowls here that match yours perfectly! I know how you feel!

  4. Usually problems like this are traced back to faulty Kiln Gods... Have you checked yours lately?

  5. Better Luck with the next load Ang. The shapes look great though...

  6. Poo- or in your case clear poo!
    Makes one wonder why we continue to beat our heads -maybe because it feels so good when it is all right!

  7. aww guys :P... yep you know the feeling!!!!!!

    trace do ya reckon if we opened up a shop called 'crap shino pots' peeps would come????

    zyg i had gremlins in the works on this one commonly known as tech guys!!!!

    anaemic indeed meredith...i'll throw a bucket of iron scaps at the next load :) that and a ton of red gum chips :)) woohoo

  8. Ouch. Bummer, Ang. I know that feeling. Makes you want to throw the whole lot onto the studio floor. Better next time, I hope.

  9. Arrrgh! Maybe you could add some hip decals to them?? Seems like the color would be perfect and I'd hate to waste those lovely shapes :o)

  10. yeh hollis i didn't though :)) hehehe

    hey cindy i wish!! I cant get the right toner for my printer... the decals just come out all soft and that doesn't work for me either :P hence the screen printing now...

  11. Hi Ang,

    .... you poor thing.. hugs!
    Probably this won't help but, it is worth putting a sad and pale shino through an ordinary bisque firing, with a kiln load of other stuff. I have done this and found that it can totally transform a horrid shino into something really good. The small amount of iron that is in the shino seems to warm up with the second oxidized firing. I'm not sure if it may also trap some of the stuff that the raw pots that it is sharing the kiln with give off, but do try one of your bowls with a bisque load, just to see if it will work for you.

    I have successfully done copper reds over shino glazes, and also chun glazes, but have never tried it as a second glaze firing. Anyway, a copper red could be worth a try.

    Best Wishes, P

  12. Ouch! So sorry, but you know that you're not alone! We ALL share your pain!

  13. well thanks peter i'll give it a go...cant hurt as right now it's all so boring!!

    hey patricia, yep just running through a bad patch with firings and so over it...bring on the new year :))

  14. sorry to hear ang, it's always something. i know it's not efficient but can you refire?

  15. cheers jim...I know you cant try to reduce copper red twice, haven't tried with shino....I will give peters suggestion a go of putting some in with a bisque though just as an experiment..i do prefer to move on from disaster and beige!! :)))