Wednesday, 29 December 2010

just scratching away...

Just scratching away slowly at the studio clean up....

I finally got my ware board posts up after a comedy of errors of checking the dowel size and tripping to the hardware to get a drill i bought the one that was the exact size as the dowels dur!!!! thinking that as i drilled the hole there would be some give....learned that one now :P

 new ware board posts

the last of the platters

So i've just finished the last 8 of the platters. Changing the clay body to LGH, I tried the warm sculptural but like this one better and being much more open its a 30# and has a wider firing range i'm hoping to be over the dunting issue.....losing those 2 kiln loads of platters is enough for me.... I also gave it a bit of arm throwing action i remembered seeing in a Simon Leach video i think it was Guy Wolff and pretty cool the centering and compressing is so much quicker...

Did i mention i remember having the dunting issue earlier last year or the year before with a lovely c6 blue crackle glaze and i though it was the glaze tension causing the dunting back then and having the same 50% - 80% loss each i think it's the body so I'm feeling brave and will revisit that one, it's a lovely glaze..

Today's adventure will be firing my test kiln for cone 6 soda with a sagar setup which will hopefully protect the fibre, pics later no doubt on how the adventure turns out as i really have no idea what i'm doing...hehhehe


  1. I love to be daring and fire stuff when I have no idea what I'm doing! So many more surprises that way, good luck!

  2. What the heck is going on w. those photos?!!! Good luck w. the soda firing!

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  4. cheers trace!!

    heheheh ron i put them through the wash!!! no i got bored of plain photos, it's a bit of photoshopping :))

  5. HA! Glad you photoshopped those images -I thought my eyes were watering over OR my new reading glasses were no longer strong enough ;o)

  6. Test firing for cone 6 soda using sagars? Jump, jump, jump!

  7. heheheh cindy didn't intend to cause such drama....i'll warn you next time :P

    yup zyg, cone 6's placed inside and out... we'll see!!! i have some glaze work on top too...results later