Wednesday, 29 September 2010

rather twee...

Here's some new lil fellas i've been making to go with the tiny teapots...everyone is drying out nicely soon there'll be teapots galore all fired...

 I may make a mold for these guys not being much of a hand builder they are rather fiddly, we'll see how they come out of the kiln size wise, I may have to start again or turn them into short black cups, they are rather twee...

and look what came in the post today... stamp stamp stamp.... should be fun writing some tricky messages on some forms....mmmm brain is working overtime should just have a play really...

cheers all, it's mid week time and the Clay an Blogs show opens Fri night, I'm looking forward to the reports back and lots of pics... :))


  1. Those mugs are very original. I like the hand built quality-very tactile.

  2. hey guys thanks, you're quick today..cheers margaret not quite my forte the ol handbuild.. i prob need more practice :)

  3. Hand built cups are a fiddly thing aren't they? I have pretty much given up on them, too much time! These are nice ones though, but I see a lot of work in them.
    I am loving those stamps!!!! Haven't seen any like those around here :)

  4. hi trace, yup!! ah those stamps came from fundametals in VA..

  5. very sweet cups ! can't wait to see them glazed.