Saturday, 26 June 2010


So Friday night was an opening for a show at the jam factory here in adelaide all about tea...and what a lovely show... it's always a great time to catch up with friends and meet newies. I never was a jamette just know quite a few friends that have been, it's a great hub in town and the go to place for all sorts of networking..

So here's the total bummer i got that letter yesterday informing me that i didn't get the grant i applied for the clay & blogs show, boo... I'll just have to adjust the size of the work i was sending as freight of course comes into it for this one..

And moving on rather quickly from that.. I have plenty to do with bricks arriving today..that means more kiln plans on the way....
:p yep..

So enjoy the pics and drop in if you can to see the show there's some lovely work!

The top teapots are by Bruce Nuske.. some lovely beakers by my friend Stephanie James-Manttan and some great teasets by Jane Robertson and also Pru Venables, Sandra Black and prob heaps of names i missed...


  1. Cool pics. Too bad about that grant. Shipping is a drag. I just sent a 12" bowl to England today and it cost $50 to ship. Insane. I'm sure it would have been even more to send it down to you. Well still, it will wonderful to see you work in person at the Bloggers show. Have a good weekend!

  2. hey ron yes it is crazy and quite a barrier to getting your work overseas... i look at etsy all the time and you can pretty much double the cost or more of an item to get them delivered..I am looking forward to the show and can get on with making work for it now..

  3. bummer, shipping costs have really gone up too; what a great show; beautiful pieces; I have a MCM coffee table similar to the one shown.

  4. Feel your pain sister -I didn't get my grant for the Clay & Blogs show either -what's wrong with these juries?! Two hot chicks gotta' travel a long way to show our stuff in the South ;o)) The photos are GREAT -I love the textures on the teapots. wonderful.

  5. hey linda totally, it was a great opening and some really gorgeous work..

    hi cindy i knew you'd understand!! hehe...those teapots are so detailed it really doesn't come up in the pics..

  6. sorry to hear the grant was a no-go... maybe you'll be able to work something else out. i totally dig those bumpy tumblers

  7. hey jim bummer but over it..yeh smaller work to send!!..those lovely beakers are stephs quite a bit of pushing and poking on those they came up a treat...

  8. Hi Ang, Can you tell me who is organising the clay and blog show? It might make an interesting article for The Journal of Australian Ceramics?
    Cheers, Vicki

  9. hey vicki, yep you want to speak to meredith heywood of
    thanks for dropping by..and let me know how the article goes..I did read an article about blogging a couple of months ago but this is a different angle bringing clay artists together from around the globe to a physical and online show..