Thursday, 1 April 2010

yey for demos...

And thanks to ron for his demo on lidded forms, I though I'd give those a try this afternoon and being a similar thrown form to my bottles they weren't too hard to get the hang of...after checking the second video on rons you tube page I dashed back up to the studio to place a lil hole in each lid to stop them raising up off the bats...ta mucho mr P..

Along with some trimming from yesterday I'm trying an oval shape lid to fit a barrel that i fired without it's lid last year that warped and a three pointed bowl just for fun..

I also tested some software this week recording a segment of the Pre Conference with Christy Assaud, Andy Brayman, Ron Meyers, and Ellen Shankin as they demo at the NCECA Making Through Living—Living Through Making: Studio Pottery in 2010 at the Montgomery County Community College.

The pre conference ran overnight here. The software is called Snapz Pro X and has a demo version for 15 days. It basically records what you can see and hear on your computer screen. The result is really good not cinema quality but great for this type of online event. So a big thankyou to all who promo-ed this event and yey for demo software that I got to see some of it..


  1. Those lidded forms look great! I enjoy looking at the pieces you come up with. You have a good mixture of traditional, and non traditional forms.

  2. By the way, if those recordings turn out ok, could you burn me a copy? I didn't even see anything about it until after it was over. Besides, I'm on the other side of the globe - it happened while I was sleeping! Thanks!

  3. ron struck a nerve with that demo... i've seen several people online trying those lidded forms. yours look like they are shaping up nicely. so this snapz pro x makes movies?

  4. hey mr Y where you at I'm in Oz..

    howdy jim, i like them very much.. it's the two in one part i think is the appeal.. 'snapz pro x' is like 'capture me' for the screen shot except it records sound and vid and saves to QT..pretty cool..

  5. Glad you got to record some of those demos from MCC. I think they are going to make them avaliable online later on, possibly through iTunes U.
    Have fun with the jars, they look great.

  6. hey ron, the slideshows i saw were will be good if they follow up through itunesU.. you made a great demo on the jars and i'll find out tomorrow if they're thick enough..

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for dropping in on my blog!
    And you right about the temp for ashglazes, I have one nice greenish looking ashglaze that worked on aprox 1150C. (equal parts ash/red earthenware clay and Gerstley Borate).
    Some other need some fiddling around with ingredients. Although a few didn't melt to a transparent glaze but stayed sort of rough and looked good in that way, maybe not good for a bowl ore plate but could look nice on a decorative piece...

    I'll keep trying and post on it again soon!

    Those boxes look very nice! How will you glaze them?

  8. hey NK yeh ash glazes can be really simple recipes, keep testing..look forward to more results.. and the lidded forms I'm thinking shinos and maybe save a few for a soda test I'm planning in my mini wood fire kiln..