Saturday, 10 April 2010

it's all in the details...

and here she is kiln number 2 emptied today and some successes with the kiln packing and some not so pleasing bits about ash firing... the extra layer of fibre worked a treat and the pot didn't stick to the lid but it did stick to the base! grrr... so after a bit of grinding back the base today it's all smooth again..

a few inserts pics of my favourite parts, some lovely iron coming out of the body and the ash.. the porcelain slip fired up lovely on the bare clay and some parts that the ash was quite thin are my favs..

and the pair together, the final size shrunk back to about 45cm tall...

back to wheel then..I'm inspired...


  1. Oooohhhh, grinding....grrrrrr
    But it was worth your efforts, that is glaze is fantabulous!!!!! Lovely running.......
    i'm testing again today, just started the little kiln 30 min ago.
    now i have to be patient (not my best quality, hehe).
    I'll put some pics up tomorrow!

    Oh, and what about that blue one?? :-D


  2. Lovely glazes and marks, my favourite is the one in the first kiln with the texture on the shoulder and the bluish glaze on the inside, looks like its been at the bottom of the ocean for hundreds of years!

  3. hey NK kinda get into the grinding after a bit call me crazy but it seems somewhat akin to a good tidy up!! oh luck with your testing..oh the blue was remnants in my store cbd from a few years ago..HA

  4. hi ali, you have to see this guy in person so huggable! can a pot be huggable??? oh the blus was just hanging around in the cbd waiting to be a kiln filler...hheheh and that's the way i make all my pots pre-aged!!