Thursday, 15 April 2010

cone 9 is tipping...

Just a few moments towards the end of todays firing...The whole timeline of my kiln firing really needed to be changed as staying up til 2 just doesn't suit me anymore.

So this one not intentionally has sped up quite well.. I had it warming up for 3 hours then cranked the pilots to half way and brought in the big burners at lunchtime.. Deciding not to push the dampers in so far has proved a good choice at this point only the unloading will tell if the glazes have had enough reduction.. Nearly done cone 9 is tipping should be done by 8 tonight..yey i need some sleep....


  1. OH MY GOD. I thought you your hair was going to go ablaze when you walked over to the kiln!
    That is fantastic flamage you had there.

  2. heheheh it's all in the camera angle! i was an arms length away from it..! should wear a hat though...