Tuesday, 9 February 2010

mish mash...

howdy all, its a bit of a mish mash today...the weathers warming up again and ive been kinda lethargic and not achieving as much as i'd like so here we go from the top...

the sky right now we're so hoping for some rain and expecting a break in the heat this week, bring it on i say!!

ahh the new raku kiln, i took the angle grinder to the club last tuees night expecting to get this done but ooops had the stone wheel in it so kevin took it away to his workshop to make the alterations for me and heres how it
came back woohoo!!
sawn in 2 with handles and feet!!.. excellent.... i'll be making a firebox the end where you see a hole and the shelves will sit atop that area and full length of the kiln, i have a wire cage that is to have fibre on and it snaps on to the frame work..
now for the flue i was going to have a hole on the end but kevin's done one in the top so i'm sure that will be fine...I have an old fibre flu that can go on the top if need it's going to be pretty much trial and error with this one, but that's the fun right?

i'll get to relining this next week i think as there's no rush still being summer to get this baby firing, i'll keep you updated on it's progress...

and bamboo face is going on the garden fence now that the fence is repaired... it was still 36C deg out there last night when i was painting the panels and only got one panel started but it will be great!! there was rust everywhere so a decent spruce up was needed, kevin cut all the rusty sections off and refit them yesterday...
woohoo a new space for me to do a tile project! I've had that one planned for a while so it's good to see it happening... yey!!!!

so it's 32C at the airport that's about 36C again outside today expecting to hit 38C again, phew!!

and to wind up this lovely journal entry i just read jims interview on connies blog excellent job and just so cool an idea...nice one jim some of your stunning calligraphic work again, ahh brilliant... cheers all stay warm over there! and stay cool here folks...


  1. Hey Ang.. kiln is looking good! Can't wait to see it in action!

  2. so, I want the name of the energy drink you must be slurping Ang. Man! You are one busy woman. And so handy too. building kilns, mending fences, making tiles... Inspirational!... And thanks for the links to Jim and Connie. Love Jim's blog and have been a reader for awhile, and now I'm checking out Connie's too.

  3. hi ang... hey i looked at that picture before i read the post and thought, i recognize those. we have the same computer by the way so at least i know i'm seeing what you're seeing and you're seeing what i'm seeing. i went to visit a friend with an old PC and checked the blog and was horrified at how much different it looked. stay cool, no problem doing that here. good to see all the progress on the raku kiln. nothing like getting to it with an angle grinder and wee bit of welding.

  4. Hey Ang
    Wow, way cool to see my blog on your computer, all the way on the other side of the world. I love it. BTW, I love your blog, you are new to me as well.

    Yesterday, I just finished off the last of my Tim Tam cookies. My sister-in-law lives in Aberdeen.

    Can't wait to see the new raku kiln.

  5. hey drek you'll have to make some pots and try it out!!

    hi patricia, i'm on everything at the mo,...yeh that was a cool interview eh?

    hi jim yeh i noticed that on yours, cant beat this screen format..yeh handy to have friends with welders! kevins a bit of a pyro too so always ready to help out with the kiln stuff..

    hi connie welcome, must check out the blog list again in wouldn't add you yesterday will try again today..are you a bit handy on wordpress too? ahh the tim tams mmmmm...supposed to be off the sweet stuff but ooh ahhh...we had some chocolate teddys at club last night too nice... keep ya updated on the kiln progress..

  6. Thanks for trying to add me your blog list. I'll add you to mine. I saw that you linked to my blog, how did you do that? I wouldn't say that I'm handy on wordpress, I kind of gimp along, but I am learning.

  7. hi connie i think i have a link now, let's see if it catches your next post..i had to grab the link from the interview with jim coz the blog link didn't work, odd...
    ahh in the text of the post you highlight say the name of the person you want to link, then click on the lil chain symbol, a window opens up asking for the url so you copy and paste it from the article you want to link and wammo!! there you have it...that's how blogger works you may have to ask ron philbeck or jim gottuso about wordpress though...i will get around to wordpress.. i like the idea of having other pages and galleries as i have tended to fill up my 'front page' with images...