Sunday, 3 January 2010

happy b'day rose!!..

and a big happy birthday rosa!!! we celebrated yesterday in roses massive studio space which she shares with husband michael and sorry mike your lovely wood working machinery makes great bar tables... it make look like 'mobile mum' (she's sitting on one of those wheely walkers)...had had enough at this point but she was just waiting for rose to cut her cake...with lots of cheering around don't touch the bottom make a wish and blow out the candles before they melt all over the cake....we all loved your speedy speech and romper room recognition of all your buds and family that came out to celebrate...! her lovely girls are in the pics assisting the mega cake cutting..

have a nice relaxing day today and see ya soon for mold making day, i do wish i'd taken a shot of lil sumo man that rose is going to make a mold of he's fascinating , oh well another day for that one...happy birdies!!


  1. looks like fun... yes, sumo man, would have like to have seen him

  2. hey jim will snap him next time..
    he makes us 'hoi' every time we get him out to work out where the cuts should be..