Tuesday, 26 January 2010

fully loaded....

so another market been and gone and i'm enjoying a quite moment on australia day what a super idea for a public holiday and no i am not working today other than a little garden effort...and later breaking out the webber to cook the roast in, yum...

so fully loaded my lil car made it to market carefully avoiding all the bike riders out for the 'tour down under' and dodging them around the windy hill roads is not an easy thing a few screaching tyre noises were to be heard on the way!! well maybe just hitting those corners a tad too fast...! anyhoo a lovely market day with heaps of peeps out, lots of looking and a few buys a bit quieter than we had hope but it was a lovely day with heaps of friends out and that really makes for a great day.....

well one report to be made about a very uncouth lil beagle who chose my bargain box to relieve himself!!!!!!!!!!! what can i say???? nada!! i went of to the market tap up the road for a few trips and doused the whole lot with soapy water and sun dried them off. needless to say the display was changed after that those crates must smell great to beagles, they use those dogs at customs here at the airport with good reason!!

so off to enjoy the rest of a fine sunny day, and the video studio competition results are out this week, so it will be interesting to see if they choose a mixed bag the 1st one i saw this morning was rather serious...


  1. Your display looks great, looks like you had a fun time! I enjoy packing up my car with my ceramics to go to events, its fun camping there as well.

  2. I am still starttled by your yin (summer) to our Yan (winter).
    It makes me feel warm to be look at your blog.
    And about that dog! Oh, my!
    Pots look so bright and cheery!

  3. Your display looks so warm & bright - sure cheerful against our cold treeless time. It is odd to think of you working barefoot while we are all bundled up in our studios. I watched the first video from the competition & thought is was entirely too serious. Still have my fingers crossed to see yours in the finals.

  4. some beagles just have no respect or manners. hey, i totally dig those larger tiles in the first pic next to the platters... dreamy kind of landscapes

  5. Look at all that warmth, color and SUNSHINE!! Your glazes look so happy and those wall tiles are wonderful.

    DAMN BEAGLE! What a mean statement to make -especially considering it WAS your Bargain Box, so it couldn't have been that your prices were too high -hahaha!

  6. Watch those skinny lycra clad ones Miss. You wouldn't want to run into their calves, they'd break your car!

  7. hey charlotte, welcome and thanks it was a fun day with lots of visitors ad time to chat..

    hi cwg, its bizarre from my end too lnowing you guys are rather chilly right now stay warm!!

    howdy judy, wow yeh these trees lose most of there leaves during winter but not all they're kind of an oak drop enormous seed things..oh glad you thought so too about the 1st vid, all good stuff but who know what judges are looking for...

    mmmm hear ya jim! the tiles in the display box are from a show at the end of last year, everyone loves em and all remark they could be larger! funny....

    hiya cindy, yeh it was a nice day for it about 27 ish C in stirling in think..it's a little cooler than home being in the hills..and yep all new work i thought it would make a nice change..yeh rubbish mr beagle..it was all old stock out for clearance..

    haha!! H we were very polite (not quite sure what the etiquette is can you toot??) and waited for the big pack to form single file for us to pass...one or twos are easy to negotiate..

  8. Well, as I read your blog I thought all of the things everyone has already said so "ditto" on everyone's comments! I thought the first video was ok, but I have to say, I liked yours much better!!! Good luck, fingers crossed.....

  9. Looks great Ang. Love all the color. Brightens up my day.

  10. howdy trace, cheers! aww thanks, not holding much hope as i haven't heard anything from them but it was fun to make and that's the important thing, and keeping the studio fun!!!

    hey ron, how ya been?? loving your new stuff, nothing like a splash of colour eh...