Sunday, 1 November 2009


what a brilliant afternoon we had printing today, simone came out to the workshop to start our printing sessions....we had a fab time chatting about her work and processes then getting some hands on print time in our lovely warm shed space... thanks simone it was super and we all had a great time... and even with the ac on it was a tad warm in there today and i was slightly vagued from the run this morning..

with last minute alterations to the course by the city council i clocked it at just over 11km not the 10k course we were supposed to be doing and yeh for cloud cover the sun was pretty hot by 9.30 his morning when i finished... there was some confusion with course markers not set out and quite a few
ended up on a short course, i'm not rubbing it in, it was all muddle really...

this week i'll hopefully get some of our own screens made up and next sunday we can do a follow up now that we have some idea of which type of images will reproduce well..i'll put some video together tomorrow, im off to snooze now after a very early start this morning, cheers all..


  1. What great graphics! Can't wait to see how you did it!

  2. ooh coming up soon cindy..

  3. i'm very intrigued by this process... the comic book imagery is really nice, i've always been a sucker for that kind of graphic look. beautiful on clay

  4. hey jim, yeh simones work is cool, she has great design focus..