Saturday, 21 November 2009

rain song.....

after the rain on friday, extremely welcome it was...i was working away listening to the racket outside and i thought i heard the bird from the skippy intro...but it must have flown away.. birds were darting everywhere, got their happy dance on post rain...happy wkd all..


  1. sounds a bit tropical... catch you after thanksgiving ang

  2. Hi Ang,
    Thinking of you and other friends and family in Australia at the moment with all the bad news of bush fires and temperatures in the 40s. Sounds horrendous so early in the summer. Lovely to catch your rain song video. Let's hope for more rain over your side of the ditch, and cooler temperatures for a while!
    All the Best to you, P.

  3. In California and much of the West here we pray for rain too; I even picked up a ceramic rain stick, hope it cools off soon and you get some relief.