Tuesday, 24 November 2009

it's all in the crackle....

howdy all, i took a few photos of some new pieces to go into town this week and here's the little guy...talk about mini..so cute but i get request for larger...

anyhoo sunny stirling on sunday stood up to it's name...sun, wind, rain, more wind, cold, sun....etc you get the picture its 40+ for most of the weeks then sunday, market day it's drizzly and all the rest,... as always it's in the layering and one needs to go prepared..and quite busy early hence no pics of peeps and their pooches, I did get a request for a labrador sized pooch bowl they thought the chiwawa size was a tad hard up for meal time...hehe..

anyway must get back to glazing and tables coming along, i'm trying to stay on schedule with firing and the club kilns are getting serviced this wed... new elements hopefully to replace the ones that have jumped out of there niches....happy claying all, whatever your shade maybe...


  1. Yep, I'm all about the crackle!! great glaze. Stay warm, it's cold and drizzling here this morning as well.

  2. I like the contrast and the fact that there is larger amounts of black, very nice.

  3. hi trace,go crackle..mmm warming up again 33 today.. back to the tiles again..

    hi linda, yeh kinda random i have no say over what happens with intensity, very raku and fun..