Saturday, 28 November 2009

another layer....

howdy all, i have been busy but more of the same so not a lot of point in boring you with the same pics of me glazing tiles and waxing tiles although my i just burnt my finger tips again in the hot wax dance is pretty funny,.... should have set up the video!!

anyhoo a regular crowd scene clubbing today...and i did get all my cups done just not all of the teapots, and some of the plates i deco'd on our print day, the tiles are still waiting bisque fire... and the weather has been so random it's like cyclone city out there right now....
we had a power cut this afternoon so i ran out of steam in the dark with all the rain and clouds above it's a little hard to see what ya doing...!

so hopefully monday i can finish the glazing...and get a cone 6 glaze through this friday..
all steam ahead with the table tiles and i bisque to go possibly 2 glaze firings ....then comes the checking tiles and cementing to the table tops all before christmas day, i think i will vid that for future never do this again!!!!
but seriously i've learned so much from the table challenge and a big break is probably deserved...but i will consider cafe table size, more like the fishy table i did that's in the garden getting pelted with rain right now....

so hope all our american friends had a great thanksgiving wkd with families etc stuffing the turkeys and themselves.. is there a vegetarian option to that feast..? ciao for now...


  1. sure there is a vegetarian option, a soy thing called tofurkey, but me and the missus made our own pizza and cookies :)
    These cups and all are gonna look great aren't they?

  2. I make a veggie-loaf. The recipe includes a variety of grated veggies, soybeans & rice. It doesn't taste like turkey, but it is absolutely wonderful.
    Can't wait to see these cool pieces after they come out of the kiln.

  3. hey gary ! why not....brilliant..

    hey DK, mmm veggie loaf sounds good, hopefully i get a kiln load of these guys through end of this week...yey...

  4. The glazing designs on your pots look great – looking forward to seeing them fired! I actually did have a yummy vegetarian Thanksgiving with rice pilaf, green beans with tomatoes, and roasted sweet potatoes. Are you a vegetarian?

  5. hi ang, would have liked to see the hot wax dance... glad the thanksgiving thing is over and yes, there was a vegetarian option with no turkey this year.