Sunday, 11 May 2008

that's a wrap

had a nice couple of sessions of throwing this weekend, hopefully now I have enough raku bottles  to keep me going for a bit, it was a bit of a challenge doing bottles after making plates & platters for a good few weeks. And the recycled clay will need pugging before I can make any more speckled pieces for the 'chugly firing' that's chun ugly, so named because you either love em or hate the wares, they definately have the look as peasant type wares. 

Also made some mortar & pestal pieces which I have been meaning to make for years, I'm trying out the really smooth TMK by clayworks of geelong it throws lovely....probably do my trusty shino & dark celedon glazes on the outer.


  1. Lovely curves.

    I've never seen one of those Shimpo kilns, where does the wood go in?

  2. mm dunno must be a hole somewhere.. maybe that's what hannah's been up to?? have a fun week away