Monday, 13 July 2015

let's start with exciting news...

Let's start with exciting news

I'm in the process of moving studio to the barossa!
having said that eeeek!!!

It's quite the change moving to The Jam Factory studio space at Seppeltsfield but it will be fabulous for workshops etc. Yep what you see above is where i'll be as of next week when all of the crates and ladders etc will be gone and we'll get some cleaning happening ;)

There's a couple of trusty kilns that need setting up and I'm waiting to see what happens re gas but it's a beauty of a solid brick kiln, wait til I get my hands on that ;)

and new 'fangled controllers' on which is mostly a manual kiln, yey!!

And an interlude of 'Mugs Day' at Milan Rouge CCD Stirling again this winter, unfortunately virus number 3 this season had me knocked out unable to make it but I hear it was a blast!

Also moving Studio Sale day at mine, was rather fabulous seeing so many old and new friends turning out this year. Thank you all for a fab day and hope to see you out at my new location. 
Let's get together and christen the new studio soon!

On to SALA works, held up again by the darned lung infection #2 my Sala efforts were delayed  and only got into the studio last wkd. Lucky for me the sun was shining and a great making / developing 3D tile works time was had. The practical side of developing new ideas takes quite the concentrated effort and finally by day #8 they are made, slipped, decoed and drying…The new processes are now stored for post firing analysis, what worked and what didn't. I've saved the pattern pieces and quite like the 'brick' forms that have resulted from this style of construction…
Thanks so much to Kevin's monster roller! better than a slab roller and my arms survived the workout ;)

At this point on saturday I brought everything inside as no way  was any drying going to happen in this weather. The hail came down along with the occasional downpour of the wet stuff! It snowed at Mt Lofty, usually an indicator of the coldest day in winter but we're not high enough for any retention of the white stuff, aside from the hail which hung around for ages here! Well the wares are drying nicely inside, I have a bisque kiln on firing Kevin's works for the pit firing, which means the kiln will be nice and warm for my loading works tomorrow. Anyhoo that's about it for news, no doubt posting from Seppeltsfield soon...

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

more news soon...

 The Adelaide Potters surface decoration and printing workshop was fab with such a great group of peeps. Our day was jam packed! Thanks so much for the invite Jan Twyerold and for the pics from my handy assistant on the day Anna Couper and Stephanie James Manton! We had a fab time looking at influences, getting a bit tech with surface marking ideas and getting down to it with image prep and screen making. Cheers all, here's some of the results.

and a final piece raw glazed and fired to c9 in reduction.

A big shout out to the lovely Euan Craig who was guest editor for the Mag last month, my awesomeness friend and photographer Derek McClure Photography stepped in with some lovely portraits and shooting around my studio, a couple of his pics were chosen for the layout.
All up I'm happy with the layout a nice simple clean grid, it's quite strange being one step removed from the design process tho.

It wouldn't be a blog post without mention of lil birdie!
He's popped up in Aspire a local lifestyle mag! And when I get some c6 white clay back in stock, the beakers will be back in production ;) Well that's a catch up for now… more news soon, stay in touch for quick snippets on the dreaded facebook ang walford ceramics or instagram angelawalford

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

the blobs have left the building...

'At its core, 'Built impermanence' offers an uncomplicated message, one, which invites the viewer to observe and share in the peaceful and yet salient thoughts contained in this space. 

This installation piece had a very simple message, we are caretakers of the space we live in and this city is surrounded by bushland, which in itself will outlive us, even as it re-juvinates after fire we sit in wonder.

My pieces are reminiscent of the gum tree trunks - Eucalypts, which in the rain flash amazing shapes and tones.

I had the great pleasure of working with friends Anna Couper and Bec Cooke on this one plus photos by David Baker, space provided by Gallery 1855, thanks to fella Darren Williams photography for these post images.

Take down was Saturday the blobs have now left the building, which currently is home to Gallery 1855 3 Haines Rd Tea Tree Gully South Australia, until the trees take over again...

Monday, 2 February 2015

mark making on clay...

Well that was fun! Mark Making on Clay workshop at G1855. What a cool bunch of people, from experienced, to students, to never touched clay before… It was a great combo really. We started with a vid from the night my studio flooded. During some heavy rains a few years back when the water from my neighbours garden was cascading under our boundary fence and swirled through the back corner of my studio only to be flooded in seconds….

Anyhoo, after a talk about processes and influences including lichen on the rocks in a temple ruin in Vietnam. Also of many makers, ceramic and drawings and metal work.
Vietnam, now that was a great holiday and I still haven't made my own tour book, hmmm.
Oooh digressing again :P
So after chats, I demoed and then lunch in the Gallery courtyard.
Post lunch it was hands on exploring abstract notions of marks, inspirations, that quite often became illustrative. Overall a lovely day of clay play, what could be better!
All the tiles are under wraps in my studio while they dry flat for a couple of weeks. Then some glazing and firing straight up to c6.

To top off the day The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra was playing at the Rec. centre in Golden Grove. The recent place for evacuations and support during the Walkers Flat bush fires. A very nice night listening to storytelling and great symphonies of Mozart and Wagner with a very animated conductor :) twas cool…

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra (ASO)

Adeladie Symphony Orchestra at the Golden Grove Arts Centre
Experience a magical night of classical music with an ensemble of musicians from the acclaimed Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Guests include Simon Cobcroft (cello) and Nathan Aspinall (conductor).
Wagner - Siegfried Idyll [original version with single strings]
Saint-Saens - Cello Concerto no 1
Mozart - Symphony no 41 'Jupiter''

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