Monday, 18 April 2016

#100mugs + studio seppeltsfield

Well it seemed like  a good idea at the time....
#100mugs in 100 days 'have fun says Kim' from tassie, if you're interested check out the facebook page 
I reckon I'm about half way in the making and some ideas developing in the process which was my plan... but you know if I get to the end of this project at least the work flow in itself has produced 100 mugs, so i'll be ready for mugs day this year with plenty to choose from!! 
That's in Stirling at MILAN ROUGE CCD

 slip too soon!!!! I slipped these fellas and watched the handles fall off one by one...bahahahahahaha, so I stopped dipping them!

And then there's other studio happenings. A photoshoot of my last gas firing with some lovely peach bloom looks, just a tad of saturday hilarity interviewing apprentices :P and some new tapas experiments lighty drawn and mostly lime ;)

and some more shino, you know it's my fav...

Sunday, 6 March 2016

my new website...

How do people find where I am? It's a whole new ball game moving your studio and setting up external classes in a regional area. I've been working on this new website for a while and trying to find something that is both economical plus has a tidy design.

So it's a wix platform and was incredibly intuitive to use. The mobile version of the site looks good too, which is imperative these days.

My class bookings will run from the website too, along with my shop link and link back to my ol faithful blog!! You can contact me via the weblink form or facebook message for all class enquiries and when the weather is kinder some raku workshops will be happening.

Shortly Seppeltsfield, where my studio is located will be promoting the JamFactory tenants workshops for the shorter taster sessions, running from 30mins to 1.5 hrs with anything from glass and leather, to clay and knife sessions.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

so much has happened...

So much has happened this month! Let's start with the fabulous ward kiln being wired in at my studio!! can I get a woohoo!! With lots of new work covered in underglaze decoration and some inlay lines it's prime timing. Having amazing friends always helps along the way, Kevin has made a stand for the kiln so loading can be the optimal height for me. And now just to get some cones for the sitter and we'll be off and firing!!

And making some notes for future reference, country cottage stripes 12oz cone 6 white body, stamp detail on the base of handle, extruded handle cut on angle at both ends.

A little fix it job at home this week up on the roof fixing some more shelter alongside my kiln space...trying to keep the rain out!

And the gas kiln is packed, which I hope to fire this week pending a good weather day!

And one of my favourite bowls in the studio that I could have sold several times over this week. It is such a talking point, about kiln atmosphere and what happens some times when clay remembers how it used to be ;) ...

A few wheel view shots and the eventual clean out that has to happen when I cant fit any more clay in the splash pan!! 

And I must send a shout out to the fab peeps at the terrace in eastwood who are stocking my raku and a selection of my functional wares and a few wall tiles!

 So you should have heard about #periscope this week. I jumped on a while back watching Claire Waddington doing street tours of #paris .... and it is fascinating to see someone elses world view! You may have seen a couple of scopes I did of the #janetdeboos exhibition at #seppeltsfield #jamfactory space but since then things have really taken off and so far everyone has been very inclusive and supportive of #pottersofperiscope the only problem being connectivity due to squished upload speeds and reception. But get on it and have a try even just to chat to others while they are working or chatting is such a great way to use this 'new app'. Adriana started a facebook page for other info and chats too, there are nearly 200 members and you just have to ask to join the group and you're off! Some of my favs this week on periscope are Tim See and Neil Chilani both also have fab websites and stunning work. So get the app and get on it! and some help if you need it periscope

anyhoo thats it for today I'm off to the studio!

Saturday, 2 January 2016

raku workshop video at G1855

So after a week of self imposed illness lockdown I feel like I'm in a time warp!!... feeling slightly more human today, I had the energy to put together this little number... raku workshop video

A slight nod to the latest #starwars who could resist the body text scroll!!? this is footage from the most recent workshop at gallery1855 in #teatreegully in a fabulous workshop program associated with the city of tea tree gully sponsored gallery programs. And again a fab shout out to Niki Vouis for her continued encouragement and my assistant Kevin Capaldi and his fab new design raku kiln 'the professor'... love it ;)

Stay in touch for future workshops, raku and others in handbuilding and wheel throwing and print on clay series in the barossa, south australia and at gallery 1855 in tea tree gully. We're doing both handbuilt and wheel thrown workshops plus experiential primitive firing techniques and printing your images/designs and text/quote/poetry making your own screens for printing on clay workshops.
So stay in touch v facebook and twitter and instagram for dates and more info email me or join my mailing list in the right column of this blog for info on new designs I'm working on and workshop series.