Wednesday, 2 July 2014

the big clay day out...

A Big shout out to my friend Darren Williams Photography for these! 
some moving stills from the day…

We had an amazing crew, kitchen, studio and firers they were all just brilliant and made for a great environment. I still cannot believe the response we had for the event, so big shout out to all who came and made it such an enjoyable day. It was a pre 9am til well past midnight thing for some of us.

There was a lot of permissions to get for the day and the council were very helpful in making sure all of those safety needs were met. One big huge shout out to Kevin who without none of this would have happened. He is one committed and brilliant Safety Officer and all round mentor to loads of students. 
A Big Thank you to all!

 Oh and then there's the digging out the pots from the pit in the rain!!! seriously messy stuff!! again thankyou to kevin, sandy, irene and matt who between them cleaned up and washed everyones pots, well done guys...

Here's a wee vid, hope you enjoy…and hop on over to my youtube channel there's plenty there to watch...

Friday, 13 June 2014

honest moments...

These are the days… the ones where things come together, moments collide, software works and computers behave themselves!! grrrrr…. I received notification today that a work of mine was gifted and you may remember a little thing called the blogger show curated by Meredith of Whynot Pottery it was a show that brought so many of us ceramists/potters together in North Carolina USA.

The work that I was creating at the time was very much driven by a desire to see beyond the kitchen table. Although the works I make are so often beyond function I desired to create something that was so far from utilitarian that it repelled the notion of function and became a landscape in and of it's own right. Early settlers painted imagery of Australia are so steeped in our artistic cultural heritage but not made of clay. Any of you who know me are well aware of my stance on our medium of choice and it's perception in our contemporary culture.

I started to create a flat body of work, a series of wall tile palques that were accessible to contemporary culture and representative of the media, abstract in form and loose in creation. 2D and 3D by nature.

This imagery is well embedded in my psych and I feel compelled by my surrounding to continue it's exploration. Given the abundance of local clay and iron content this subject nature could keep me obsessed for a lifetime.

and head on over to the frogpond for this sundays splash...

The work… 'Hills Edge' … It is one of a series of tiles symbolising the natural landscape of our City's eastern region, the beautiful Adelaide foot hills. 

 A gift by the city of tea tree gully to Mirioko Chuo High School in Japan, it is a great honour that my work would be selected to gift to our (city of tea tree gully) sister city delegation on their visit last month… photography by Derek McClure Photography

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

the big clay day out...

So this is happening.... It's been in the pipeline since january this year and getting very,very, close to the pointy end now..

The Big Clay Day Out is coming very, very, soon!! 
SAT 21 June 2014 10 am til Tea Tree Studio Golden Grove SA

the big clay day out poster
ang design raku

ang pots in the making

digging the pit

digging the pit

digging the pit

digging the pit

digging the pit

kevin's fine!

kevin's fine! just a bit of fun

knocked out by my crappy tea making!!! kevin's fine!

in the kiln
Kevin and I were at the club on holiday monday digging the pit, well he was digging and I made some shocking after totally wearing out our safety officer he tells me the posi needs new and younger blood....nup just kidding I'm sure I can talk him into another year of service :)
The volunteers meeting is next monday night where we will be divvying up tasks and catering's all so very exciting!! after seeking the relevant council and firery approvals and filled in all the paperwork I can hardly wait! We have loads of excited peeps looking forward to a day of raku and pit firing into the night. 

Just $5 gets you in to participate and we have sample pots for the locals to have a try. Complete with a capable kitchen crew there will be soups, a bbq, coffee and cake and spuds on later in the day. 
Arrival at the gate is 10am and quite possibly you will be greeted by some scouts eager to see the action. Demonstrations throughout the day and pit loading at 10am. Stay in touch during the event on facebook and instagram #thebigclaydayout...

here's the promo blurb fyi...

The Big Clay Day Out is coming very, very, soon!! 
SAT 21 June 2014 10 am til Tea Tree Studio Golden Grove SA

Have your pots bisque fired and ready to go. The pit is loading at 10am and raku throughout the day with 4 raku kilns for large and small work. Raku glazes available and 
stay in touch during the day on instagram ‪#‎thebigclaydayout‬

if you'd like to join the group send a request on tea tree studio group page

Monday, 2 June 2014

this months marathon...

the barn

it has dawned on me that keeping my journal updated more frequently would be a good thing…

so here begins this months marathon in reverse… todays studio effort of printing some tiles and trimming the end of last weeks work, some sw baking dishes with textured handles. saturdays decal and lustre workshop I'm testing some new decal paper and lazer decals. Oooh also a few small platters, they have been testing my elbow strength or lack of and a gentle reminder to break out the weights again!!

and my gorgeous nieces 30th b'day, a superhero event :) I took super nanna along, so funny she enjoyed the night out! on ya mumsie…

ok and sunday's exhibition openings the barn at aldgate and gallery 1855's reconcilliation exhibition…. we really do openings well… nowhere else do I see such a serve of food and beverages!!

well that's about it, tomorrow off to hear about Kirsten Coelho's adventures in Japan residency...

rita hall and jeff mincham

gallery 1855 reconcilliation exhibition

openings at gallery 1855

my nieces 30th bday

ang design studio

ang design studio

ang design studio

ang design studio

ang design studio

ang design studio

ang design studio

ang design studio

ang design studio

ang design studio

ang design studio end of session...

Saturday, 17 May 2014

start with the image...

Image, image, image..

The hills are alive and all that and for some reason are stuck in my subconscious and probably will continue to be my subject matter for some time. But meanwhile an interlude of little terracotta people who are bound for some saggar firing shortly. The SALA installation is coming together nicely as my fellow clubees are creating all kinds of terracotta characters.

And meanwhile the gallery has a great exhibition of ceramics at the mo and spent quite a long time on the lower floor admiring and trying to figure out a few pieces. This Ash piece of course grabbed my attention!

Last weekend Ali and I presented a print on clay workshop at Gallery 1855, it was a great day with loads of great attendees and a fun collaboration again :)

Today's pop up series of workshops commenced with the Balloon forming with Anna such a fun session and everyone took the notion and adapted their own styles. And so great to have friends drop in from across town.

And a bit of happy hour in the studio tonight, my first bash at facetting and throwing, they are ok for a first go and some kiln fillers… onward