Tuesday, 24 March 2015

the blobs have left the building...

'At its core, 'Built impermanence' offers an uncomplicated message, one, which invites the viewer to observe and share in the peaceful and yet salient thoughts contained in this space. 

This installation piece had a very simple message, we are caretakers of the space we live in and this city is surrounded by bushland, which in itself will outlive us, even as it re-juvinates after fire we sit in wonder.

My pieces are reminiscent of the gum tree trunks - Eucalypts, which in the rain flash amazing shapes and tones.

I had the great pleasure of working with friends Anna Couper and Bec Cooke on this one plus photos by David Baker, space provided by Gallery 1855, thanks to fella Darren Williams photography for these post images.

Take down was Saturday the blobs have now left the building, which currently is home to Gallery 1855 3 Haines Rd Tea Tree Gully South Australia, until the trees take over again...

Monday, 2 February 2015

mark making on clay...

Well that was fun! Mark Making on Clay workshop at G1855. What a cool bunch of people, from experienced, to students, to never touched clay before… It was a great combo really. We started with a vid from the night my studio flooded. During some heavy rains a few years back when the water from my neighbours garden was cascading under our boundary fence and swirled through the back corner of my studio only to be flooded in seconds….

Anyhoo, after a talk about processes and influences including lichen on the rocks in a temple ruin in Vietnam. Also of many makers, ceramic and drawings and metal work.
Vietnam, now that was a great holiday and I still haven't made my own tour book, hmmm.
Oooh digressing again :P
So after chats, I demoed and then lunch in the Gallery courtyard.
Post lunch it was hands on exploring abstract notions of marks, inspirations, that quite often became illustrative. Overall a lovely day of clay play, what could be better!
All the tiles are under wraps in my studio while they dry flat for a couple of weeks. Then some glazing and firing straight up to c6.

To top off the day The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra was playing at the Rec. centre in Golden Grove. The recent place for evacuations and support during the Walkers Flat bush fires. A very nice night listening to storytelling and great symphonies of Mozart and Wagner with a very animated conductor :) twas cool…

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra (ASO)

Adeladie Symphony Orchestra at the Golden Grove Arts Centre
Experience a magical night of classical music with an ensemble of musicians from the acclaimed Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Guests include Simon Cobcroft (cello) and Nathan Aspinall (conductor).
Wagner - Siegfried Idyll [original version with single strings]
Saint-Saens - Cello Concerto no 1
Mozart - Symphony no 41 'Jupiter''

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015


With so many social media options available, what do you choose?
One of my favs for 2014 was Instagram. Nice filters and now with a fresh revamp, they are a quick and easy way to grab the essence of the studio day and share a little. Hence my 2014 hashtag #3hoursinstudio. It is also the name of my photo album on the dreaded facebook that captures an hour - 3 hours effort in the studio. I haven't named this years theme yet but no doubt it will come to me.. Anyhoo hop on either of those for daily updates. I will continue this page as my Journal space and general rants, not that there are many of those.

If yu still need to book for my workshop 'Mark making on Clay' at the Gallery 1855 pls get in touch with Niki e niki.vouis@cttg.sa.gov.au — at Gallery 1855 in Tea Tree Gully.

And see you at The Stirling Market Sunday 25 January in my usual spot on the lower lane outside the bank.

Meanwhile the ARTAG group from Gallery 1855 are working on an installation piece that will be really cool installing in our favourite room at the gallery complete with jail cell! We are all contributing in our medium of choice to a group piece about the impermanence of things, mostly relating to the gallery and its location as one of the first buildings in the area in what was once bushland. And more recently in connection with the Sampson flat bushfires our reflections will be very serendipitous

my beginnings of the installation pieces...

And a little trip up the 'The Nose' for a hike Monday night, at Parra Wirra Recreation Park, just stunning in the rain and fog. This place never ceases to amaze me! cheers Darren for the trail guide ;)

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

workshop @G1855

Starting the year off with a bang and this :P

I hope to see yu! there are limited places so get in touch with Niki asap, details below
It will be a hands on all day workshop with lunch break, slideshow and chats. Bring your notebooks and any journals ideas you are processing at the mo.
I will have tools, slip and some greenware tiles for you to work on. Some working with clay skills required, newbies and other media artists all welcome.

Gallery1855’s focus on clay continues into early 2015, with artist Angela Walford for Mark making on clay, a one-day surface decoration workshop.

To register please refer to the flyer below. If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Cheers, Niki e niki.vouis@cttg.sa.gov.au
 — at Gallery 1855 in Tea Tree Gully.

Monday, 1 December 2014


Are yu ready for an epic post???

I have 20mins up my sleeve so here goes…

yesterday's firing and printing went well and even had a mo in the cool of the evening to get some pavers relaid after the not so handy handy man botch job! mr not so handy laid pavers that are so higgledy piggledy that they had to come up. I am still sifting the sand out of the pebbles that he buried, no idea what was going on there! so now back to plan b which is to lay less pavers and use pebbles for a more natural look with interspersed grasses, should be lovely :)
now back to the studio -  lil birdie is back on the studio set list, check out my instagram feed for loads of studio pics…

fri night's trim session started with blood spillage as I took a chunk outa my finger… my brilliant throwing stool really needs repairs, it needs gluing together as I managed to pinch my finger in the chair leg…so 'blood rule' get outa the studio, clean up the mess and bandaid all together and back to it…. blood soaked bandaid and all coz the trimming must happen!! we have a deadline here people :P

Ooh also I have a fab new humidycrib for my pots, it's a massive ikea shallow tub with lid and it works a treat keeping pots damp pre trimming. I just kept some wet newspaper in there when things were drying out.

Last wkd was the installation of Material World in the forest above gallery1855, a photo shoot that lasted all day despite the downpour, complete with lightning and thunder!  I dashed home for a brolley and completed the day with intermittent runs down to the gallery to hide from said storm :P

Was a fun day and the show continues for another week yet.

I went off to Melbourne a couple of wkds ago for a much needed break and hung out with claysista Adriana Christianson we toured melbs to the max. I did the Ian Potter gallery and Craft on friday after making the airport dash friday morning yes I literally ran for the plane!! Sat & Sun we visited Sue Acheson, cone 11 ceramics and Zac Chalmers, Jane Annois,  Sandra Bowkett and Mon checked out the Box Hill arts centre where AC works, brilliant space! then off to Melbs again for a wander and the National gallery before back home. Epic truly epic, our hosts were just lovely…more tea?! #melbs4wk thanks Adriana for such a fab and whirlwind tour!!!!

and no we aint finished yet….
attached are several studio videos, coz im all about process…head over to my youtube channel for more videos too you'll find me as angwadesign previous bizzo name :P anyhoo blog on and chat soon!!