Saturday, 23 July 2016

South Australian Living Artists month...

SALA Festival 2016 Program has been launched.

SALA comes around once a year and is the biggest exhibition event in Adelaide.

This year I'm participating in a group show at Terrace for the 5th time. They are a very supportive crew and such a great open space which is usually their showroom sets up for the exhibition. 

And the imagery this year is still based on the 'Tale of Little Fat Bird'. Heavily influenced by the seasons, including deserts and blizzards! not that we have blizzards just thunderous storms and bucket loads of rain and hail this year... and so while I'm processing the tale and working on the surfaces, you know what ensues!! I started work on this years exhibition with the workflow of last years pieces fully formed in my headspace and so it was a lot easier to get the visual process happening. The flower boxes all relate to each other in ratio of the form.  The size all measure the same as do the bases, some are vertical, some horizontal but mostly square format. 

I fire the first firing over 22 hours and nice and slow allowing all the moisture to move slowly out of the work. Only 2 cracks out of 12 pieces which is acceptable considering the pace of the work & some very soggy weather conditions. The glaze firing was long too, 20 hours, not totally economically desirable but results in great heatwork that shows in the clay body with lots of iron speckles rising to the surface and some nice depth in the slipwork too. So here's a few pieces and the opening is thursday night.

SALA on Terrace features emerging & established artists in an energetic exhibition of various mediums- oils, collage, ceramics & sculpture. 29 Jul - 13 Aug Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-4pm
Opening Event 28 Jul 6-9.30pm

Venue: Terrace Floors + Furnishings  51 Glen Osmond Rd Eastwood, 5063  8274 1125
Medium: Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Sculpture. Event is suitable for children. Event has wheelchair access.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

the professor gets a new groove...

The professor has a new do!! So new chimney and all we tested the fella out at my seppeltsfield studio ;) and like a super trooper he went off!!! only kevin will get the abba reference just for him ;) ;) ;)  and i'll let the results speak for themselves. Awww purdy... I'll give the pots a good wash and polish tomorrow and check for refire possibilities. All in all a successful test run yesterday and not too windy and not too much wood consumed this time either.

Raku workshops are held frequently at my Seppeltsfield studio in the winter season. Keep an eye on my facebook page 'ang walford ceramics' for the next event... and subscribe to my channel here...

My Saturday class starts next month too so keep an eye out if you're in the barossa, south australia or just want a gettaway, it really is lovely out there at the mo...

Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Saturday it's the start of RAKU season at the studio 'JamFactory 730 Seppeltsfield Rd, Seppeltsfield, SA, stay in touch on instagram and periscope throughout the session. The raku kiln 'the professor' has a new chimney to test out and I'm hoping for some good air flow and super draft this time!!

Monday, 18 April 2016

#100mugs + studio seppeltsfield

Well it seemed like  a good idea at the time....
#100mugs in 100 days 'have fun says Kim' from tassie, if you're interested check out the facebook page 
I reckon I'm about half way in the making and some ideas developing in the process which was my plan... but you know if I get to the end of this project at least the work flow in itself has produced 100 mugs, so i'll be ready for mugs day this year with plenty to choose from!! 
That's in Stirling at MILAN ROUGE CCD

 slip too soon!!!! I slipped these fellas and watched the handles fall off one by one...bahahahahahaha, so I stopped dipping them!

And then there's other studio happenings. A photoshoot of my last gas firing with some lovely peach bloom looks, just a tad of saturday hilarity interviewing apprentices :P and some new tapas experiments lighty drawn and mostly lime ;)

and some more shino, you know it's my fav...