Thursday, 19 December 2013

too darn hot...

well it's too darn hot out there today, summer has finally hit at a whopping 43degreesC
my marketeering is done again for another year and what an epic week it was!
off to seppeltsfield wednesday night and only saved by the last 20mins of shopping, otherwise it would have been a total bummer…
saturday was the wheaty christmas sale and awesome as per usual with a fantastic catchup with friends, it's the annual meetup event for some of us and as always the wheat at thebby are fantastic hosts!!

and not long ago mr sunshines just up the road had their very 1st crafty event, bring on the noise. lovely day and great burgers too!

then sunday the stirling chrissy market, it was good and steady all day long and topped off with a lovely catchup with rose and ali +Milan Rouge Contemporary Craft and Design a drop of bubbly and some chrissy cheer :)

and yes I'm still firing, I have another couple of loads to get through and a delivery to

new mugs this year

summer colours
lil birdie stocks are in deficit…
but soon to be replenished that is when i get a new screen made! just destroyed my last one this week…oops

so let the christmas shopping commence, urrgh I'm not the world's best shopper but will manage to get out there tomorrow perhaps.

anyhoo chrissy is at home this year, I think I just had a great holiday and no need for tripping off apart from nights at the beach.
george st studios

mr sunshines market
so happy holiday season to you all, stay safe on the roads and have a great chrissy and new years… see you on the other side of 2013…2014 I like the sound of it already :)
anna workin it


new mugs

put a bird on it

cleaning the stamps

phil hart

mid fire red clay

mid fire red clay hot choc mugs

the wheat sale


my last monster shino mug


lil birdie will appear


  1. 43! We had snow and 8 degrees f yesterday (posted, naturally, at my blob) and 43c, which is around what, 110 f is just staggering and impossible to imagine...except for Midnight Oil's mention in the song of 45! Happy holidays to you too...

  2. merry christmas dennis, hope you have a fine time!

  3. Het Gary, Happy Christmas time to you too… 110+ it would melt whatever snowiness you have in seconds!! warm one again tomorrow before a cool change as we call it back into the 30's…I don't think we've topped 45 here in town but prob up north for sure, we're on the coast and its positively tropical :P

  4. Hey Ang! So you are enjoying the summer, eh? It has been a little chilly at night here, getting down to the low 70's F (Mid 20's C) . Daytime temps are still warm though with it staying around 90 F (Low 30's C).

    1. heehee it has finally hit with a bang mr Y we were wondering if it was coming this year its been cold and wet!!
      mmmm low 30's sounds just fine….have a super holiday time

  5. Merry Christmas Ang with your summer weather full of heat. Good grief I am happy with our 50 degree days here but 100 plus, no. You are rocking busy, keep on. Cheers for the holidays XXXX M

    1. And all the Merrie right back atcha M have a great family time and I hope it snows!! No chance of that here...and a quiet break from studio for this week much to do : ) xxx

    2. And all the Merrie right back atcha M have a great family time and I hope it snows!! No chance of that here...and a quiet break from studio for this week much to do : ) xxx

    3. Here on the other side of the world I think it's too darn cold....although not so elegantly phrased!
      Merry Christmas and all that jazz!

    4. hey smarts! stay snuggly warm then...hope you had some good festivities and happy new clay year!!