Friday, 12 July 2013

tagine photography...

Another lesson in getting it right! My buddy Derek McClure shoots the finest couple shots and is an all round great guy came over to help out with the shadows I was getting trying to shoot the Tagines and this is the result with my version of the processing. A dinner catchup with friends is always the best and a lil photoshoot in my tiny flat just adds to the fun, food, wine and light boxes everywhere! I should have grabbed an external shot of the chaos, n'er mind you'll have to take my word for it..

Anyhoo my tiny lighting setup is one light box overhead but the biggest problem apart from scale with the tagine is the casting shadows and I knew I needed help. So Derek brought in 2 large lightboxes which lit the background, my lightbox over head and a little fill flash directly from his camera and CHING!! there you have it.. so easy when you know how :P
Derek will no doubt process the image differently and probably clean up all the spots and extra darkness, I kinda like flaws hence my reduction stoneware path I love blebs, spots, random events and general kiln contributions to my work so I have left them in..


  1. simply beautiful pot--- and picture too!

  2. These would be hard to take pictures of- off to the woods with them. Put some green behind them, tuck them in front of some rocks. Put them in your kitchen, fill them with goodness. shake it up!

    1. :) yeh M, not much green out there but loads of pine needles! we'll see if the rain holds off today looks pretty grey though, new pictures soon!!

  3. Ahh yes, when it stops raining we will be off to the park for some more luscious scenery...