Saturday, 18 May 2013

the days of Gulgong....claypush conf.pt1

the days of Gulgong....claypush conf.pt1

I absorbed so much in this room ( pic above) ..and made a large decision there too. Rather epic but quit sensible really. I've slowly been processing images the last fortnight as I've had a good amount of work to do which took me down south last friday working with Connie down at Colonades, it's a community project and we were drawing up the women's river on an existing wall. It was a great day working collaboratively and chatting to heaps of peeps that were interested in the project.

The day was long and a drive down south is quite an epic journey I think I made it home by 7pm and traffic was a nightmare....must try to avoid that in future but all in a super day drawing and considering what this means to the locals, council and the indigenous people most importantly. To have a visual statement of their land and their meeting place in a major public space.

Anyhoo raku today I just got in and will process the images into something interesting after I wash the smokiness away. Anna demonstrated her very successful Obvara technique and luckily I got to have a play...we also got out some horsehair that did stick to the pots when we shielded them from the breeze!

Right more on Gulgong and raku very soon...

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