Saturday, 15 September 2012


saturday, saturday.. saturday

A big yey for Saturday studio day!! bowls and more bowls big ones small ones flat ones and I ran out of space, again... I really must sort this out coz I could have thrown another bag..Instead I finished off the tile printing as they really need to get through the kiln asap...

This week has been packed with lots of finishing things off and delivering projects.. Thursday I checked out the hanging space for Offspring, the thing with making tiles is figuring out how to hang them!! The overprinted tiles will look something like the ones from the 3 Seasons show but on terracotta. And also this week the Tagine project is continuing, more on that soon hopefully.. also I checked in to see how a SALA show went, a nice selection of the smaller bowls had sold and they are keeping some work on in the display area and hopefully coming towards christmas that work will continue to sell.

Friday night I walked back to the Central Market picked up some sheeps cheese mmmm and trecked it home after a busy afternoon.. Ooh almost forgot I have been selected for ARTAG, Thursday was the first meeting for the advisory group for the new art gallery in TTG  you can still vote for the name on the councils website It should be an interesting time as the whole site is a revamp from the old council chambers the original one for TTG as soon as I can i'll take some picks of the new space..

anyhoo thats about it.. enjoy the vid, I have to trim all these now!


  1. bowly bowly!
    aren't you adorable :)

  2. far out you're fast trace, I just posted this!! hmm I need a hair cut!!!

  3. I'd say you had a rather productive day!! Congrats for being selected for ARTAG too... :D

  4. hey cynthia, all up yep! pots everywhere now to find the time to trim....thanks, happy about that one!

  5. I am with Tracey- you look great! Love the bowl- keep working.
    Looks a tad chilly there?

  6. howdy M I was really tired yesterday obviously I look good when im tired :P cheers's about 20C in the day but my studio door is wide open so a tad chilly still!!