Monday, 16 July 2012

july pt1

I may be getting slightly ahead of myself........ or for that matter optimistic of the fact that I may get to post again before the month is out!!

but here tis part 1, so many things on the go and just about nothing is drying...I have another large pot drying at the club incredibly slowly and waiting for a single fire with some ash glaze..

Others I started but haven't been able to finish so they ended up in the scrap recycling heap and look like this right about now..

On the commission front I'm working on ceramic jewellery, some mugs and the tagines also drying v slowly..

I consider this post more of a photo essay of process... as there's a lot going wrong and a lot having to be recycled and I prefer to let the images be proof of journaling right now.

oooh and ran out of red clay on saturday but more coming soon so I can get back to filling the gas kiln again, the last pieces were recieved well and the marbling has gone down a hoot! which is always lovely, so back to heaps more throwing and slipping for me... SALA is up next month so by the end of this one I need to select some works for exhibitions and squeeze in a gas firing for some more shinos...woohoo

all in can't wait for part 2, there should be some things finished :))


  1. Glad I'm not the only one with things drying too slow! Slow is good, but too slow is worrying. At least nothing should warp!

  2. looks good but we miss you over here in blog land.
    what will the jewelry be??

  3. Nice to see you do such great posts! I would love to make a Tagine. Any possibility of ever doing one of your videos on the process?
    It seems the clay world is divided between drought, and humidity and precipitation. We went two weeks without rain, but it was so humid that I had to use the heat lamps to get stuff dry enough to proceed to second stages.

  4. hey Gz yeh some pots are weeks in ... firing next week I hope.

    hiya M I know, so slack of me, can I blame some of it on a bug and not producing much last month at all?! The small pieces in the bowl are earrings they will have decals on them and there's some larger pendants that will get silver chains and fittings..they are for a friend who designs jewellery..

    hey smarts, now thats a good idea..will break out the video when I know how they work out size wise and get into production..yeh it's been really wet here and my studio gets pretty damp so nothing dries..

  5. Hey Ang! I love those handles!

  6. mmmm, cookware, brings all sort of things to mind to cook in a clay pot! Sorry you been feeling bad, should come over here and drink bourbon with me and watch old westerns, haha!

  7. hey connie and originals ;-)

    trace ha woulda been a great idea!! esp if I coulda just zapped in :))