Wednesday, 8 June 2011

the raven has landed...

   hey cindy the raven has landed :)) 
 it will really freak out the wild life up the garden cant wait to test her out :P hehehhe...

I got this sweet package today in the post along with a lovely card and some flags which will brighten up the garden no end at the mo!! And being really cold and damp and a bit of green and orange will work a treat under the verandah where my pug is.. cheers my friend what a lovely treat..

Anyhoo most of today was spent immersed in illustrations for the next body of work for my sala show....some of the pieces will be stencils and some silkscreened and today was lots of thinking about what works and what doesn't and what do I want to say with these pieces..they are influenced by a Hopper etching that really grabbed me, it's a street scene from a high perspective looking down on a corner footpath.. this motif occurs a lot in Hoppers work it's the cafe that has been 'thrashed' in the nicest possible way with so much pop art know the one marilyn and james dean hanging out in the diner..
So the image sparks a sense of the lone viewer from a high up window watching the goings on below....i love that street corner to me it references the artist eye.. we observe so much, daily happenings, strange events.... ones of coincidence and mundane and yet so interesting...anyhoo since my interest is also in  

surface textures and wild native creatures in the suburban landscape... so why not combine them all and see how they get on in the streetscape as neighbours.... design wise I think it will be interesting, concept wise I hope i can pull it off...we shall see

and lastly a use for old xrays... a stencil cut from today, my leaf motif somewhere for the birds to hang out!!


  1. Love those drawings and the thinking behind them. they would be nice framed with the clay pieces. I have a couple of Cindy's flags too, they are so joyful and sooo many people want to buy them from me!

  2. I'm totally interested in what happens with the stencils for all of the obvious reasons.

  3. Really enjoyed the Michael Kline adventure in your last post, it was so exciting seeing his lovely work and the surroundings in which he makes it. Watched it rather late last night and ran out of time to comment. That must be really special having a Cindy raven, I am sure that a raven from Alaska will enjoy the warm Australian summer (some parrots might be traumatised!).

    How nice to see your working drawings. It's funny, but I know Hopper's paintings quite well, but I can't recall seeing his etchings! I'll have to go to Google and ask to see some! I'm looking forward to seeing how your ideas come together. It is a good thought that of the street corner and the artist's eye.

  4. Ang - that raven is totally cool! Cindy is the best!
    Love your drawings and your ideas for the tiles. Looking forward to seeing them finished.

  5. hey trace :)) actually I'm looking at making some small prints to go with these tiles trace so we're on the same path there...I think cindys flags will be lovely up my studio somewhere too

    howdy zyg just loved cutting that stencil could have gone on for hours really... keep your eyes peeled!!

    pete how goes it? no more after shocks i hope :S
    ahh mr kline he's a big fella!!!! and such a sweety it was like that everywhere we went just like meeting up with old friends!!! brilliant!! I think the apricot tree would be a lovely spot for mr raven.. ah yes check out hoppers other works just amazing i love that street corner and that bit is def staying in these works...cant use the figure though unfortunately he's quite spooky i feel..

    hey Judy...i know!!!! cranking on the tiles asap

  6. Hi ang- Love the raven! She/ he should keep all the bad things out of the garden.
    The tiles, stencils ohhhhhh!

  7. hey meredith we'll see i dont think they all know what a raven is :P day 2 of stencil work today!!! more brain time required working out these tiles.. I think i think too much!