Sunday, 12 June 2011

firing just cracked...

Woohoo it's amazing how efficient a firing can be with new gas tanks!!!....

Saturdays firing was quick for me 9hours and done and cone 10 perhaps a little overdone for the new satin shino I was using, they have all come up glossy...

anyhoo lovely all the same so here's a quick look at firing day and the unload from tonight..
The new small cups are part of my SALA work and medium size trays will be on the making menu this week, well that's a wrap...

More happening Monday with kiln alterations. Kevin will be coming over and look out for the sparks flying from my studio.. My kiln beast is about to grow up a bit and Tuesday is another bowl-a-thon with my friends Erin and Anna too we will be keeping in touch via facebook as the day goes and a tally at the end, you can join in via facebook if you'd like... enjoy the vid...


  1. you are fully up and running!
    Good deal on the fire!

  2. Love that shiny shino! Great bowls!!!

  3. cheers zyg, can you tell i'm happy with the new work :P

    oh almost meredith and yep very impressed with the firing time..

    cheers trace some very nice shiny bowls this's to more kiln improvements!!