Tuesday, 21 June 2011

a bit sketchy...

It's incredibly chilly up in the studio even with my little heater on...so the last of my bowl-a-thon bowls are trimmed and cleaned up the pots for rakuing for the St Ignatius show in SALA month I had white fingers and numb hands, so back inside and after some warming soup my fingers are back, yey!!!!
I thought I'd share some of the sketches I did while away...not many really I was battling jetlag most of the time so didn't do as many as I would have liked ...anyhoo The canoe is in the foyer of the Indigenous Museum at Washington DC just amazing the amount of reed that must be in this piece and very beautiful with the textures running in circular formation..

The second sketch is on ron's porch i started drawing him literally got half way and off he darted so doug sat in for the rest of the sketch, rather fun really I just kept going with the lines going all over each other...

And a sketch of the soda kiln i'd like to build eventually.. It may still happen this year I'm not sure at least I have seen heaps of kilns now and have a pretty good idea of what i need to do now..

So lot's happening and firing the big club kiln this wkd and rakuing too...so catchup then and feel free to drop by the club on saturday Crouch rd Golden Grove if you're nearby..


  1. Love the drawings, and the genetically modified potter in the middle one (the Rondoug!). It will be very exciting for you to have a soda kiln, and the travel seeing all those potters and kilns will have been very helpful. Hope you do get to build it soon.

  2. now how will we tell them apart?
    They are both a tad silly and funny and now can sit in for one another...
    Here we are in the upper 90's we need to switch for a day!

  3. Love your sketches - something I've just discovered! The reed canoe is wonderful - would have enjoyed seeing that.
    And fun - you just kept drawing even when the figures changed! lol
    I have some friends who just finished their soda kiln - took them about 3 weeks to build - and their first firing was sweet! Hope you get to build yours soon.

  4. hey peter, thanks ah yes they morphed.. I am rather amped to have all the gear to get on with the kiln now :))

    hi meredith :S ahhh to me in the high 30's that would be lovely right now it is so cold out there!

    hiya judy mmmm sketching is good fun eh!! oh wow more soda builders yey.. :))

    cheers dennis, the only thing to do was keep drawing!!

  5. Fun :o) you've inspired me to get the sketch book out again this summer...when it gets so busy I tend to put away the things I like to do best. thanks for the reminder.

  6. hey cindy, yes you must get sketching again!! enjoy your summer too :))