Saturday, 14 May 2011

we have roofage...

Ahhh nothing like a good days work in the studio.......or a good days repairs in the studio :))

Since the rains have begun ye olde tarp could only keep so much rain off my new pugger... I got all inspired and decided to rip of the shade cloth and blinds from the summer heat and get up on the roof and screw down the suntuff!!! As with any job using recycled materials there's repairs to be done and armed with lots of silicon I got stuck in filling up the holes with the goo and the other major job for the day repairing the skylight in my studio, a wee roof patch with suntuff and heaps of silicon too......
 tonight i get to find out if it worked, I hear the wet stuff again..

And a resurrected cafe blind to keep the rain off the front of my pugging space ... maybe i can find another at the auctions!! apparently it's quite the thing for picking up all kinds of household items and maybe a rocking chair for the deck that would be cool!

PT wasn't quite so torturous last night so muscle wise this was an easy day we'll see how I pull up tomorrow after climbing all over the roof today...woohoo. So glad this is done and hopefully the space will be good for winter working and another bonus is the great view now through my doorway!

Work seems to be picking up a little too which is good! Lots to do and lots of projects in the works just the way I like it..
The Xpo opens this week at 'the Terrace' I'm excited and nervous about this one, I have quite a few tiles in for this show and hopefully it's a good one.... I'm also looking into a SALA venue for this year, so fingers crossed for finding the right space for my work. 

Anyhoo I think it's time for feet up and a movie don't you :))


  1. work and soup! That soup look divine! The work looks pretty darn good as well- to which you say- you bet your sweet a** its all good!

  2. Very productive! Looking REAL good! Don't get too sore though...

  3. Hehe meredith you crackin me up..:))

    Hey judi all gopd..... plenty of energy left ;))

  4. Love those bottles! Like the card you gave me. I am getting ready to test a bunch of new raku glazes, if they are any good, I'll pass them on to ya!

  5. yeh trace...that one was tiny though :) sweet but diff to throw consistently small stuff I find anyway :P that would be awesome , cheers.. happy firing!

  6. hi ang, how industrious of you to do roof repairs. my favorite quote which you've probably read me saying before, when asked when he was gonna fix the leaky roof by the arkansas traveler, the reply: when it's a' rainin' it's too wet to fix it and when it's not rainin', it's just as good as any man's roof.

  7. hey jim I have good reason to do a waterproof roof now my wee pugger needs protection....more holes to fix though me thinks!!