Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sundays Market Day...

Stirling Sundays a coming!!! and these lil babies are going to be there fresh from the kiln yesterday...

Just having a short break from videoing a friends wedding today to load up my car for tomorrow....

Hope to see you, it may be a cool one but Stirling is lovely this time of year the leaves will be falling and the market will be teaming!! there's lots to see and lots of yummy food and coffee and of course some great art & craft and produce including our wee stall!!

Hmmm maybe bring ya coats too :P.... We're on the lower deck between 2 groovy clothing stalls, just up from Mrs honey and groovy glass man Mr Tim Shaw....stop by and say hi.


  1. Ang, I love the effect you are getting with the decoration.It's like a little ghost bird emerging from a mist.Have a good show.

  2. ah- you are still here! Since you are ahead of us on time just making sure you have not been called away!
    Hope you have a great show and be sure to take cash- just in case the rapture is true- cash and car keys!

  3. Love the lil babies! Yummy colours too. I hope you have a fantastic show.

  4. hi ang, good luck at the show... i love the little birdie on the big jar.

  5. Lovely new pots. The glaze combo is very nice and the subtle little bird is adorable. Best of luck with your show ;)

  6. well thanks dennis trying something new with the lidded forms they turned out nice...I think i like the 2 short ones best..

    oh darn it meredith missed it again!!!! heheheh thanks it bucketed down all night so hopefully it will be a niceish day now....

    hey becky cheers!!

    hey jim it works nice in blue eh...cheers

    hiya DKP ta much...its very cool out there right now so lots of layers needed today...

  7. GREAT glaze and I love the bird :o) fun to think this time of year our weather seems equal as we both transition to the new seasons -completely different!