Monday, 2 May 2011

I'm baaaaack...

Yes I'm back but not much closer to putting together a blog post that will catch up on the last weeks happenings....

anyhoo I got home to a massive amount of mail incoming and am making my way through interesting one is a mention in 'Australian Ceramics' from the Brisbane teapot show!!! how cool i didn't know about the article so what a surprise to see my shino teapot in there!!

I really enjoyed making a high fire version of my teapots and it seems I need to get back to the wheel with a mad hatters teaparty fundraiser event coming up and i'm just about out of teapots..

 Entertainment at Sydney airport while waiting for my final flight home watching planes being towed out and the baggage guys doing their thang on the tarmack..

One of my fav mugs at rons place...very sweet indeed glaze on the inside and the handle and slips outside ...mmmmm

Ron and doug scratching away on the porch, what a team Hannah
was somewhere else at the mo but the whole crew got to it getting Ron ready for his wkd sale hope it all goes super well mr... thanks again for yours and sarah's lovely hospitality it was quite the week with some lovely sun and warmth made me feel right at home and here it is sun shining again today just beautiful... and so much to do......

hopefully next post we'll be up to date and some semblance of normality will resume :))


  1. Do you feel like your body has landed but your brain is still adjusting?
    Back to work with you - there are shino's waiting!

  2. I know you must be so happy to sleep in your own bed again. What a trip you have been on! I'm so glad you were able to come over for a visit, maybe one day I'll get over your way...

  3. Welcome back! Been following your travels via blog... and I'm exhausted! :) Get some rest girl!

  4. It was a treat meeting you in SC. So glad you were part of the party! Hope your trip home was easy! Gay

  5. Congrats on having your shino teapot in "Australian Ceramics"! A nice surprise to come home to. :)

  6. FAME & TRAVEL! Great combo :o) your adventure was so fun to see and read about -made several of us jealous (in a nice way)! when you are settled share more about the article!

  7. Welcome back -- it has been great to follow along on your journey! And wow - congrats on your teapot making it in the ceramics journal! That's a fun thing to come home to.

  8. hi ang,
    well didn't you all have a good time in the states. i have to admit i've been lurking on blogs here and there wishing i lived close enough to drop in on you guys. i guess it's back to work

  9. hey meredith my brain is quite scattered at the mo and trying to get back to work :)) had lunch with my girls yesterday so easing into adelaide again!!!

    trace its good but i quite happily camped anywhere we landed....our blogging friends are so kind to open up their homes to a shabby bunch of out of towners :P

    hi patricia, aww sweet I think it may just take a week to settle in :))

    Hi Gay thankyou...I didnt get lost once in those massive airports.... lucky!!!!! and the ride home is long but there's no way around it accept movies and sleeping :P

    Thanks Becky so unexpected and always a treat to get a mention :))

    Hey Cindy... Alaska some day!!!!! I will indeed share more soon...

    Hi Judy thanks and what have you been up to I must check in on was fun to see my lil teapot with others from the show and a cute lil article too..

    Hey Jim, missed ya!! I've kinda been out of the loop :P I did check to see where you were too but it just wasn't possible to catch up this time!! yep back to it....