Sunday, 17 April 2011

while the slippers work...

The Slipware workshop is well underway and while the 'slippers work' I'm composing some more movies and working on thoughts for the slipware workshops movie.....more on that soon..

A little change in the weather has brought down some rain today there was mention of a tornado last night that def. had me concerned!!! amongst other things snakes and snapping turtles were the kitchen topic of conversation!!! and they say Oz is dangerous... I don't know there seems to be critters everywhere you go.

Doug has done some blasting with the burner today and Hannah is quietly jewelling the puzzle jug from this morning a lovely Fredericksburg Virginia across it's belly... Libertytown is quite the lively place today kids painting classes and peeps keep wandering through the gift shop.. it truly is a hive of activity and local artists, reminding me similarly of the Jam Factory spaces at home where artists can rent space and get exposure to all manner of shows going through. Last night was the opening for this slipware weekend truly a successful event and a testament to Dan's ability to create an event and draw in a crowd... Loads of lil red stickers that we all love on the pots, surely a great start to Doug and H's exposure here...


  1. Thanks for keeping us updated, Ang. No tornadoes, no tornadoes, no tornadoes ...

  2. Love following your adventures! Too bad about the weather that has been touching down around there!! It has cancelled some shows etc. :( Thankfully no snakes or snapping turtles up here! We just have to watch out for moose and bears :)

  3. Hey guys..luckily the crazy skies passed over yesterday it was weird to watch the clouds moving in diff directions!!