Saturday, 9 April 2011

New York city...



near the Ferry BAR!!

a rainy trip back wed night on the ferry..

Well hello there!!! so much has happened in the last few days...where to begin?

My first venture into New York city with Judi Sapero Tavill was via the ferry and well more motion just slightly nausiating :) suffering just a little still with the jetlag and the feeling that the ground is still moving under me...

Wednesday was great with a trip to MOMA museum we ventured at least 2 and a half floors before retiring for lunch..immersed in German Expressionist prints and painting the amazing impressionist works plus a lil Mondrian and Modigliani all too awesome up close! Followed by an asian fusion lunch and heaps of trecking through the streets of NY city... an interesting interlude by the 'Pres' causing all sorts of drama with traffic and bucket loads of police....we went through Theatre district, Times square, grabbed a cab or 2 went round in circles...hehehh... stopped for a drink at the pier before heading home...phew what a day one...

Thursday was Judi's grand tour followed by a trip in to the city again to visit the Met wow lots of peeps guarding the work and constant reminders not to touch the work!!! def don't lick it and stop taking pics of the exhibits :P We did a quick stop into Greenwich House Pottery in the West Village... ABC Carpet and Home near Union Square. Nancy Margolis Gallery- Chelsea? kinda intriguing GPH a workshop in the city space quite tight for the amount of peeps there and no one in the gallery I guess we were too late for that... all in all a flat out 2 days followed by dinner out back over New Jersey way.... Judi kindly helped out with names of things...thanks!!!

And today a very long train ride out to Boston...I didnt make it out to Puckers Gallery as negotiating a taxi turned out to be more of a challenge than i could muster up the energy back inside the station for a cup of tea followed by a bus trip out to Fallmouth.....pronounced faaal muth not fall mouth apparently :)) anyhoo just back in after meeting up with Hollis and back to his to see Doug and great to catch's been a while....and off to the first Slipware workshop tomorrow with 'the brits' and hopefully I can figure out how to add some photos to a very uninspiring page of text totally out of character for me   and I'm feeling it hopefully i can make up for this tomorrow.... cheers all :))


  1. Welcome to the states!! New York is one great city, so much to do there and soooo much walking!Have fun at the Cape, hope I get to see you in Seagrove NC! That will be just a little bit different from NY :)

  2. Welcome to the USA. Wish it were possible to get to one of your workshops! :(

    If you have time, try to get to the Boston Museum of Art to see the Chihuly exhibit. It's spectacular!

    Love your fresh take on the US!

  3. hey trace...cheers matey yeh that was busy heaps of walking and great stuff to see....had a ball with Judi....looking forward to catching up hopefully!!

    thanks smarts...not sure about Boston Dans driving but thanks for the tip :)) starting to understand the accents...ehhehehe and a rather fresh chilly but nice place is the cape..

  4. Have fun in the States Ang. I hope it is big enough for you! I don't why I said that but you always sound so enormously energetic and vibrant, it will have to contain all that Australian energy.

  5. Welcome to the states! Yes - NYC is so fun - lots to see and lots of walking or the confusing subways - ha!

    Enjoy your workshops and meeting all your blogging pals!

  6. hey Christine thanks! hehehhe I'm pretty subdued being tired half the day...I did recuperate with a quick run this morning by the sea though so nice!!!

    thanks judy didnt do the subways...not my fav place underground... lots of street walking around an museum trecking i loved it :)

  7. Greenwich House Pottery in the West Village... ABC Carpet and Home near Union Square. Nancy Margolis Gallery- Chelsea...