Wednesday, 20 April 2011

weekend at freds...

So we're here in Shelby with Ron and Sarah, we made it last night after dinner at Fongs very nice vietnamese restaurant...and i'm attempting to collate all the info from the passed week. Here's a snippet of the last weekends demos at fredericksburg... hope you enjoy the pics as my files are stacking up and some semblance of order is required :P....

We had a super stop at Meredith and Mark's with a brilliant tour of some potteries yesterday in Seagrove....our bud Tracey came over for the day and it was just like hanging out with old friends...thanks guys it was brilliant!!


  1. It was brilliant!
    I hope you all get some much needed rest.
    Then again .... there are things to see and you can sleep at home.

  2. Love seeing all the pictures! You are having too much fun! Wish I lived closer.

  3. What wonderful times you are having.Thankyou for sharing the photos and videos..:) Safe travels.
    Trish from Alberta