Monday, 11 April 2011

thurs and friday mash up...

   more pics from the MET on Thursday a truly awesome place...
reds at the met

raining inside!!

 no not really just playing with a water bottle soft focus anyone??!

central park

look the Guggenheim

 I may make it back to the Guggenheim on my way out of the States not sure at this point how my time will go but if I have a few hours yes!! unfortunately it was closed on Thursday which seems to be my luck really, When i was in Hong Kong 7 yrs ago our day in the city was plagued by closed Museums....more research needed perhaps..

on the train on my way out to Boston

 That was a long train ride out to Boston from New york city followed by a bus trip out to Cape Cod where Hollis met me from the bus a welcome face after a very looong day...... have i said it was a long and tiring day yet???
and dinner fish and chips!!!!!
with the lovey Hannah and Doug and the crew...Hollis and Dee

the green chicky....


  1. Oh my gosh you are really HERE!! I'm jealous you are meeting some Blog peeps! Swing through Alaska so we can hit the pubs!!! xo

  2. I am indeed Cindy well closer to where you are anyway :))....I can see Alaska from here hehhehe....Next trip for sure I must head your way...