Sunday, 3 April 2011

runny green ash...

And here they be 2 large pots going into the Campbelltown Art Show today plus a lovely shino platter....
Both pots shrunk about 5cm in their glaze firing, It's always sad to see big pots shrink before your eyes...that must be 20% or more since the wet state.. oh well need a bigger kiln to make bigger pots I suppose...

This is the setup yesterday agin it kept changing as the work I shot got smaller and the tweeking of the light setup changed...not sure how to combat the light reflecting back off the white surface other than a matt spray and more lights..

So off to deliver this work and a busy 2 days left before I leave :))


  1. WOW! I could get lost in that one!

  2. Very cool. When I first was the glaze it looked like trees! I thought wow, how did she do that?! Nice affect.

  3. hiya, it's one of my favs trace :) and smarts it's a surface that just keeps amazing eh..
    howdy cindy...mmmm shrubbery.. these ones were all brushed on its a revolting concoction just looks like ash in water but brushes on quite well..the base of pot#1 is rather lovely where the drips hang!!

  4. Lovely work! And, Ang, I am really looking forward to meeting you at the workshop. I know it's one helluva long trip for you but you have many folks in the Carolinas who love your work and are anticipating meeting you. Me for sure!

  5. hey becky... indeed it will be quite a trek but very enjoyable...thanks so much what a lovely note I look forward to meeting you too..apparently I'm down for making cups of tea at the workshop :P

  6. Love the runny glaze and the strong forms (especially the first one which is narrower lower down). I guess we are lucky that the pots don't grow 20% in the kiln... imagine the problems allowing for that when packing it! Ooops, there goes another kiln roof, blown up by the expanding pots!

    Have a great trip to the States.


  7. hey guys thanks....Peter having a great time thanks....I'd be happy with a bit of pot growth instead of shrinkage....that would be cool :P one of my big pots cracked ope in the base a tad during the glaze firing bummer they still look cool next to each other at the show....thanks to anna for the pics!!!