Saturday, 16 April 2011

moving pictures...

guy wolffs

a lovely guy jug

sweet garden

the green hornet...

Just taking a mo at Liberty Town...Dan Finnegan's lovely spot to do some catching up..... So much has happened and the stories are getting crazier as we chat over meals about who we've met and the characters along the way... It's just beautiful here in Fredericksburg a gorgeous ol town with so much charm..

Monday was a mammoth road trip traveling from the Cape through Connecticut with a stop at Guy Wolff's Pottery for a couple of hours, it's quite the place and I love that lil jug on the shelf.... Doug has some great film of that visit.. we arrived at the farm we're staying on 3.30am Tuesday, our hosts are some very cool friends of Dan who arrived from Washington last night, it's a lovely property with a great verandah and deck outside where we sat for breakie the first morning a very easy day yey!!!! and very much needed Doug and Hannah needed a break and I needed some serious zzzzz's after that long trip...the green hornet radio show kept us awake amongst others on satellite radio... a very cool tool!! Ooooh and they have ticks here ewwww!!!!


  1. You are having and making many memories to cherish for years to come.
    I can't wait to see you here- at my house- I have clean sheets and wine!

  2. awwww tooo nice meredith....keep that vino chilled :))