Monday, 14 March 2011

up that hill and down that mountain...

I've had a great afternoon shooting these guys...this is my setup at the beginning of the shoot but not how it ended up!!
 The lighting tripod ended up on some bricks and leaning across the table almost vertically above the work and leaning towards me and held in place by a heavy bag of stuff so it wouldn't slide away into the cupboard...and thanks to my handy friend the derek for the phone advise :))

 Just abit more processing to do with these images and some nice cropping and they'll be done....woohoo learned so much today..
Trying to think of a new name for these tiles there's so much going on and playing with depth or lack of is challenging the 2d 'up that hill and down that mountain' or is it just 'slip and slide'?


  1. Love your photos! And love those tiles -- great slipping & sliding!

  2. wicked pretty, I esp. like the group of pretty cups!

  3. Love the shadow included upper right with the the two cups, great photos and work.

  4. Great pieces Ang! I especially love those CUPS!

  5. hey thanks guys, a big learning curve shooting this way but much more light to work with is great!! glad you like the cups may just bring some on my trip with me :))