Tuesday, 8 March 2011

slipware after all #2...

A few details of the marks I made on Saturday, two of the three Accidental Terracotta platters survived the slip to this point.. firing tomorrow and hopefully I have a result as I've entered one into the Campbelltown art show..
I think at this stage they are about 38cm.. more shrinkage to come
I didn't attempt to slip the outside of the wares they are very loose and whatever dripped over the outside whilst pouring the inside I have left there..

Thanks peeps for all the notes on my previous post.. I have some good info to go on now for the next firing..and hopefully we can tweak the gas pressure enough to get a good result, the clay body used by others is out of my hands!!!


  1. Great marks on those platters Ang! I've been thinking about your part of the world as our part is finally starting to think Spring...!

  2. hey cindy just returning to some work I did at dougs in '09 inspire by a book on cyprus slipware pots, cheers oh yeh its getting cool here now, the change is coming and i'm not ready for it yet :P