Friday, 4 March 2011

poured not swished...

Would you believe glaze incarnation #9????
 Poured not swished...It's variation is just overwhelming one might say!!!!! pfffft.. So anyhoo I'm liking the overlap areas and no crawling and no dunting so happy yes!!!???

 A little wax on wax off....lovely black satin glaze...
the new batch of glaze just lovely.....

and I quite like the old glaze batch remnants with less copper.....noice and very smooth 


  1. Love love love your black satin glaze! That is cone 10, food safe, and gas right? Are u willing to share the recipe?

  2. Yeah! No crawling. No dunting. Just say "NO"!

  3. I have two glazes that work so much better when poured- dipped they are a bit boring but poured makes them jazzy!

  4. hey guys thanks :)) just a few more to make this week now... Hey Jerri no it's cone 6/7 yep and ox fired...I'll check on sharing.. its not my glaze :P
    thank patricia....I know meredith its crazy this glaze just keeps on giving up different responses..cheers connie