Wednesday, 16 March 2011

playing favourites...

This lil guy is quite possibly the fav from my last raku firing!
I gave them a quick scrub up and under a somewhat dirty green was this gorgeous turquoise colour glaze..

 And a couple of really loose sketches for some more tiles, complete of course with a note to self to leave more raw clay body space... I tend to get carried away making images and forget that the nicest thing about this body is the iron spots that emerge during the firing, they really are too nice to cover up all the time...

So a few more of these and I'll be happy to move into the firing schedule, they will make nice additions to my current pieces for the the Terrace Xpo...

It really has been a shocking week watching the devastation in Japan and hearing and reading first hand accounts from aussies living in Japan and notably Euan the Potter who has blogged about his experiences and getting his family far away from the reactor fallout... It's just horrific and makes ya feel rather insignificant against such disasters and the power of nature.. A tough week indeed and work here at home has been totally loopey with a range of events... I won't go into all of it but I left a job yesterday as the police arrived to settle a dispute at the property I was at....yikes!! all calmed down today as i returned to do the job...

Just about to head up to the studio post lunch..I getting ready for a gas firing this wkd and want to get in some lil pieces to bring with me to the states a few gifts me thinks along the 'Doug and Hannah slipware tour'...I'm looking forward very much to meeting the US crew of bloggers along the way and a couple of days with Judy Tavill in New York... woohoo! should be fun.. I reckon my feet are about to be walked off!!!


  1. new york, yep they'll be walked off all right.

  2. Love the raku piece -- and your sketches -- those new tiles will be great! I'm with you about thinking about Japan -- so saddened - and so aware how insignificant we all are -- really.

    When do you head stateside?

  3. Hi Linda!! mmmm I thought as much...joggers will be packed then :))

    Judy..yeh thanks..It's been really a stun moment this past week, yes.... I'm heading over in April and hope to meet you :))

  4. I've been reading Euan's blog also, and have been hoping that they continue to be ok. It's approx that you'd have that beautiful raku pot as your lead today. Well, done.
    Definitely bring joggers to NYC.

  5. Love those sketches! Swinging through Alaska on your journey stateside??!!

  6. hey Lori, It is a very disconcerting situation at the mo... hopefully everyone that needs to evacuate can get out now... yes a bit of amazing raku does lift the moment, thanks...joggers, consider them packed...

    hey cindy, cheers mate, I wish but maybe next time I'll make it to Alaska it is one of my must see places, such amazing landscape.....and you're there of course!!

  7. I am LOVING that raku pot! Just beautiful! and great sketches, they need to get some frames and up on the wall with them :)
    I may be missing all the fun with everyone coming to the states, I have shows the weekend before and the weekend after the workshop, hope I can work out something....

  8. Sorry, the above comment was me, Wes using my computer again, not signing out! :)

  9. BAAHAHAHA!! I'm thinkin who's Wesley????
    funny they're tiny sketches... may just blow them up and see what they look like :)) oh hey we'll figure something out trace... :))

  10. stunning glazes on your favorite piece. totally digging the sketches too, i can see them transferred onto those tiles you make.

  11. That is a sweet little pot.
    It is hard to believe that you will SOON be flying away to the states!
    Enjoy your time in NY!

  12. hey's just the one glaze..amazing eh..

    hey meredith...cheers its the best one, ah yes getting close now and i'll be on your doorstep!! thanks so much I will indeed :))