Monday, 28 March 2011

a lil market fare...

New Shino and my clay....YEH!!!!
Are pics ok....I feel so flat out at the mo... getting work fired for shows before my trip, they're timed down to the last minute!!
My buddy Rose is the Queen of the setup!!!!.... she just has the touch you know...

Rosa doing her thing!!!!!

 Peas in a pod couldn't do this again if I tried!!!!

Beautiful but very chilly day at Stirling yesterday....  we have a cold and damp spot and search for the sun constantly.....I promise I wont scare it off by exclaiming it's presence next time :P hehehehhe....

Rose's lovely tea light lanterns....gorgeous we sold heaps!!!!


  1. Beautiful display of work there, I would definitely be a shopper at that booth! The tea lights and the shinos are really great!!

  2. OK, Ang, enough selling. Put the pots away and start packing.

  3. Good news about the great sales! I can see why -all lovely work. AS you start to slip into the cool temps, thankfully we are waiting for our Spring to hit -yay!!

  4. hey Gary :))
    was a beautiful day Trace heaps of visitors to our stall :)) and loads of friends dropping by...
    No packing til the last firing is done Hollis and that unloads Sunday !! and happens to be the last delivery day too :))
    It seems we'll have another week of lovely temps this week cindy... hope you thaw out soon..

  5. hi ang, hope the sales were good. excellent splash on that teapot. those lanterns are really nice too

  6. lovely work, great shino, and for Rosa beautifull tealights.
    Hope your sales were good, so its all worth it, standing in the cold all day.

  7. howdy Jim twas a super market day...cold but lots of peeps and good sales too :))

    hiya Mieke, thanks and welcome...It really is a lovely Market the best in town I reckon!!