Sunday, 20 March 2011


Pot #2 all finito taken pre rim and clean up stage I had to get on it quick smart yesterday with firing the kiln my studio was warming up so it's now done and covered in layers and layers of placky....I'll peel these off tomorrow prepare for slip layers and some marking then the drying can happen..

Post Bisque fire of pot #1 she survived nicely...

A refire shino cup much nicer on second firing, I wasn't happy with the firing from k9 it was quite pale.. 

My firing yesterday was going really well and ahead of schedule at 6pm when cone 8 started to tip.......I plunged the kiln into a fairly heavy reduction loading it with chips of wood and shutting in the dampers, the atmosphere looked nice and cloudy inside with flames leaping out of every exit....then a couple of hours later disaster!! the tank started icing up and the one I thought still had fuel in it was just about empty....I watered down the tank and got approx another hour out of it before the burners just died out.. oh well!!
 a good cone 8 I was hoping for and on cracking the kiln a short time ago the shinos look good....smiles!!! the celedons need a refire they are very opaque but for the most part a very even firing cone 8 top to bottom...I'll unload tomorrow for a closer inspection...

And another refire shino very interesting with heaps of carbon trapping

Lovely 50/50 blend of brown local clay and SWE

And a nice all rounder colour carbon trapping and smooth B7 combo!!

Group shot :))


  1. Sh sh sh shino, a potter's favorite thing! At least it is for me. Love those cups :)

  2. cheers trace....mine too really...I need a new fav cup now my BP mug cracked it tonight :(( total stinker!!

  3. Hang in for a few weeks, Ang, I'm guessing you'll find a few new fave cups somewhere on the US east coast.

  4. Wow!! Shinos!! I haven't work with Shino forever!! Looks great!!