Tuesday, 30 November 2010


All slipped up and off to the club we go....

All the pots got some porcellainous stoneware slip today drying outside and looking vaguely like cheese is the pre slip product which then got bashed to smitherines with a metal bar which i just happened to have handy..

..then whipped up like a milkshake and ready to use! the lil fellas are now at the club waiting for a bisque load...and kaynine is loaded again ready to fire up the latest batch of shinos.. I just know i'm going to run out of days this week and really wishing I could have got my lil birdie bowls through for this wkd, oh well....


  1. Hey, if you find those extra days this week, let me know! I need a few more myself! Hope the latest batch of shinos comes out great.

  2. I'll keep looking patricia, should be good this time i have an idea how to fire the kiln :))

  3. hi ang, they do look a little cheesy don't they... that's what sofia's tiles look like when she starts off too. good luck with kaynine