Tuesday, 23 November 2010

of the new..

Today's heat was basically ignored as I spent most of it in my kitchen taking photos and as you can see I still don't have a soft box to light my work, I'm relying on the kitchen window and having the door open opposite to get some fill light....sometimes it works perfectly and other times having the door open just brings in a major fly invasion!!

The rest of the time I've been producing some promo material for the markets I have coming up..

Should be cracking the kilns tomorrow with the restaurant platters in... and after a very long chat with my friend Rose last night we think we have these glazes pretty well sussed... I wont repeat the language....just insert a few 'Tracey isms' and you'll get the picture...HA!!


  1. nice Ang- I love the handle shot- darn wonderful that one is!
    Watch out and don't let the Tracey's slip out on you!
    Although there are times when some words are just needed!
    Oh- and those toasty warm mugs...divine!

  2. Looks like the light was working pretty well on these. And I'm with Meredith, watch out for those Traceyisms ...

  3. ahhh my grandpa stamp he's on all the handles :)) thanks meredith...no stress Meredith, Rose came up with a few appropriate initials for it.. they are both temperamental and my tests came out well with both firings but the real thing crawls and under fired grrr!

    hey Hollis, cheers I ended up shooting them on their sides with the light flashing on the plates it was tricky.. hehehe :))

  4. I say "let the 'ism' fly!"... NICE handle shot Ang!