Monday, 29 November 2010

market eh...

You wouldn't believe this was summer!! freezing yesterday at market began with a drizzle and spotted throughout the day with some lovely fine rain for packing up! Fully rugged up with gloves on i don't think i took them off all day, brrrrrrrrr..

Here's a few pics of our new stall setup we have 2 entry points and it doesn't get congested anymore peeps can wander in and out without getting stuck, sometimes we had such a blockage at the front of our space... so yey!! and more hanging space to come too with some lovely bamboo panels..

The new wares got plenty of attention which was nice ... and a snap of rose carving one of her masks a nice bit of clay therapy for the afternoon, so some of those will be up next wkd at the Art at the Hart Pt Adelaide, we set up friday night for the wkd event, i will do some vids as we are all demoing across the wkd.. Ali and I will do some throwing, Ali will be printing and Rose will be doing some stamping with the wood blocks, should be good come on down if you're in town...


  1. Wearing gloves?! It sounds balmy compared to what we are getting right now -ha! I love seeing the pictures of your booth -I was also impressed with how much work you have for sale in it -wonderful :o)

  2. indeed cindy my fingers were very white at stall set up time and rose gave me her gloves lovely that she is...shoulda snapped a picky!! ahhh wait till next wkd there will be 3 of us at the port i'm looking forward to it and hoping for sunshine :))