Monday, 1 November 2010

kaynine unloaded...

hey, I unloaded a very cool kiln today and at first i went urgg! but after spending some time with these piece there's some real gems...some lovely shino in parts and the rest is good.. I think the reduction was too short but that took a while to figure out so next firing should be much better.

The local clay results are great and all are usable... I do have one question on porosity when i glazed the pieces they didn't absorb the glaze like the other bodies, i sat them outside for a while and they didn't completely dry out, I brought them in to dry overnight.. any thoughts on this?? I bisque to 1000 deg C

anyhoo enjoy the vid..

and a lovely surprise  today a package from Hannah a gorgeous set of dishes in a lovely honey glaze :)) cheers H my Billy Joel Day prize....sweeeeet


  1. Definitely some gems there!! I really like the white, NVN!!!

  2. A Big Belated Happy Birthday to you! Sorry not to Happy Birthday you sooner, but am only just getting round catching up with everyone's blogs and have just discovered that you've got older whilst I've been away! Hope you had a nice day.

    I've just been watching your gas firing video, which was helpful as I have got an old gas kiln here now that I want to fix up and get going... so it is useful seeing your set up. Internet horrendously slow tonight so will have a look at your unloaded video tomorrow morning hopefully as we seem to get better speed first thing. Catch you later, P:)
    PS word verification word this time was "comanic" which amused me... I'm sure it must be trying to tell me something!

  3. hey trace the white is quite a nice change..and the local digs just brilliant!! will be heading back with my bucket and spade soon..

    hiya peter thanks, not feeling the age yet only when i sit on my feet which cant possibly be a good thing anyway.. :)) I had lots of help with the set up it was just saturday figuring out a few firing things on my own that was a challenge...the next one should be easier, luck with the speed in the morning then...manic you????

  4. Yay... manic download speed this morning so there were no long periods waiting! The white on the cups is interesting, is it similar to a shino type of recipe? I see there is bubbling going on, which actually seems to be an asset rather than a hassle. You've got a nice golden looking shino going on too.

    Congrats on the local clay experiments, it will be exciting to see how that all develops. From what you say about the porosity, it sounds like the clay is a bit "tight", I suppose you could open it up a bit more with grog or sand, but just dropping the bisque temperature by 50 degrees and seeing how that goes, is much easier! I have a clay here that the manufacturer recommends 1050 bisque, but I always bisque 50 degrees lower as it takes the glaze much better. Just a thought!

    BTW...Have you tried local clay as a glaze ingredient for stoneware temps??? Our garden clay here is lovely with calcite (whiting) or woodash as a flux. About an 80 clay to 20 whiting mix seems a good place to start with that. Equal thirds, clay, feldspar, and some sort of flux also is productive. Anyway, I'm sure you know all that stuff!

  5. morning peter, the white we call B7 its a standard college glaze and is lovely over dark clay it can look a bit cold on white bodies....i'll dig the recipe out for you

    I was thinking drop the bisque temp a bit this is the start of the testing so i must try the clay as a glaze...i did a glaze class with daemon moon it was a 4x4 grid combo and had some really nice results but i haven't really experimented since, will give it a try though since you've reminded me :))

  6. hi ang, happy birthday two ewes. looks like the old kaynine delivered well for you. and lucky you with those b'day presents to yourself