Saturday, 7 August 2010

keeping it local...

It's been a day and a half today...starting with pruning the roses they were rather out of control and now looking rather neat with their new hairdoos! I think i would enjoy bonzai but really no more room....

And back to my local clay something really curious happened in the last glaze fire the red slip went clear when i glazed over it...hmmm...just thinking there is rather a lot of sand content to the sample i have and maybe the sand contributed something extra?? not sure so here's the next test all of the colour samples i mixed 50/50 each with my standard white body and out of all 3 the red is the nicest feeling, prob because of the sand content...and here tis in the first pic....
the other pieces are mixed 50/50 and also the darker pieces are the pure local clay samples...should be really interesting to see the next batch of results the clay felt really nice to work with...

And onto handles here's some new muggage and a couple of jugs i've been working on getting some taller mugs and oversized handles too...the smoother mugs will be for my print tests, woohoo!! I'm ready to test drive my new screens... go the gocco box and cheers Anna for sorting all this for me..

Of course what post would be complete without some lovely slip on tiles?!! these guys will be my last through now pre exhibition as they will need to be selected for the show and sent very early september, it's creeping up so quickly now hey guys!!

And now to this evenings treat Anna, Ali and I went to a Sala show 'Experience Elements' the show is at Humna's place and is a collaboration between Erin Lycos, Nick Graalman and Humna Mustafa...
See also Erin's blog for more info on the show..
This is a really personal show in a home setting filled with lovely work Erin makes all the thrown work for Humna to deco on and Nick has made an almost no budget time lapse film of Humna's work that involves the capturing of the drawings and portrays the transient nature of her work in henna..
The snaps are from the film 'Elements'.


  1. Hi Ang- You're brave with the local clay. Hey, I really like the little jug/pourer forms. Looking forward to seeing the new screens on the mugs!

  2. Your handles look great on those mugs! My local clay tests are in the kiln right now, can't wait to see how it goes. I too liked the feel of the clay and mixed it 50/50 with my Raku clay. Will post soon about it!

  3. hi ang!
    i am really loving the tiles, landscape-y and luscious.
    also, what a great treat, the henna work you saw looks inspiring!

  4. Hey ang, i like the new look blog, very elegant! Well done for getting the photos from the film, its a great show, looking forward to seeing the est pots fired.

  5. hey patricia wish i could send you some its great stuff get digging!!!

    howdy trace, yep they're big i can get 3-4 fingers in them, apparently i have skinny fingers!! yeh we can compare notes this week on the local variety of clays..:))

    hey vicki, cheers i do dig a nice landscape..yeh the henna work is really cool and intricate..

    hey ali, yeh i grabbed a nice simple one and just tweeked it last wkd still haven't figured out the facebook link though i want to do and extra page with it :(...
    what's est matey ??

  6. Hey Ang. Looking good as always. Looks like I'm gonna have to get out and dig some dirt to keep with you local clay users. I'll check out Erin's blog. I met a guy a few years ago who did amazing henna work, and he told me he made pots with henna designs. I'll have to see if I can find him on the web.

  7. great to see some muggage goin' on. totally like those henna designs especially the one on the rocks... groovy ang

  8. howdy ron, yeh get to it, you must have a treasure of mud somewhere...the henna work is v intricate...nice

    hiya jim, ya slow drying on the muggage hopefully get a bisque happening this wkd..its a great lil film i think there's a link to it on erins page..